Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Building 3 Little Houses

I traded a table I built out of vintage beaded board to an Artist who was my neighbor at Blue Genie. His name is Terrell Powell and I just loved his work. (Pictured is '3 Houses') He has a very distinct colorful folk art style and it speaks to me. So I've spent the last few days trying to paint like him, like me. In other words, not copy him but try to do what I do in his style. Color is always a challenge for me. I don't really have any sense of how to put it together. Unfortunately it shows in my lack of fashion sense! It's best if I stick to black and white (in clothing and Art it seems). But I'm going to be bold this coming year and try and break out of that. It's taken me several years to just add one color to my scratchboard drawings. Making a little 4X4 painting with multiple colors? Yikes...look out. The first 3 are a few of what I pushed out of me. They are crude, not really good but it's a start on a different path, and I had a great time painting them.
Happy New Year! I have hope that this year will be a better one for all of us. The bright spot of 2008 was Obama winning the election. The rest was pretty dismal. I am so happy that George Bush will be getting his @ss out of there!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Freaking Christmas!

Ok, so I'm certainly not a Scrooge or anything but I really hate christmas. It's all built on the gift giving pressure and heaping loads of food and crazy family and expectations of winter wonderlands etc....and the pay out is usually disappointment. For the most part I do my best to avoid all of it. Even when you say, 'It's not really my holiday' folks try to suck you into it. Or they try to guilt you into believing that not wanting a "Merry Christmas" is somehow a terrible thing and you are an awful human for not wanting to participate. I'm glad it's over for now. I remain unscathed by any family drama.
Whew! That being said, things are good artistically for me. I made some money at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. Mostly though, I made some money remodeling my neighbors bathroom. Went to Jerry's Artarama today and bought some paints and 4X4 canvas' to try my hand at that. A few of the artists at BGB were doing some really cool mixed media collage type paintings and I'm really drawn to that. We'll see what I can do. I'll post a few once I get down to business and make some. A friend asked me today what's next...and honestly I don't know. This economy scares me, but I still have to make art in some form or fashion. I may drive out to Marfa to do a little remodeling and art gallery exploration. I haven't been there in about 10 years and I've heard it's very hip and trendy now. Great. Hope to see good art and Marfa lights. My new year resolution is to post on this blog more. We'll see how that goes..I'd rather work and live than sit and type about it.