Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Things To Look At...And Think About.

The above are just a few of the scratchboard artworks I made in the latter part of 2014. People, Dogs, Cats, Birds, what's next, you might ask. Honestly, I don't know. A dear friend died January 1st and I've been dealing with the emotional aftermath of that, plus helping his widow (who I rent a space from) recover from a badly broken ankle. (she fell down the stairs, broke it four days before he died) It's has been so difficult, but I'm glad I was here to help.
Another kind of difficult event I had to deal with in November was being dropped from the big gallery that I had been with for ten years. That one stung. But, shit happens, people change and so I'm rolling with it. My Linda Sheets Art etsy shop is closed for now as well, at least until I can figure this all out.
 The only place to find my art on the wall right now is in Johnson City, Texas at Taste, Wine and Art Gallery. And directly from me of course. I'm looking for commission work for 2015. Give me a hollar and I'll send a price list and get started on your piece.
Meanwhile, I snatch moments here and there, starting and stopping pieces that appeal to me. Nothing completed so far in 2015. I'm not afraid that I'll 'lose' my momentum or stop making art, I've realized that I'm doing what's most important right now...the art is just in my head rather than on the drawing table. Check back with me later to see what pops out.
And then there's this:
Google has sent me an email saying that my blog may be 'privatized' or hidden because of 'adult content'.  I guess it's because of the nude women drawings on earlier posts? Really?  It's ART, mofo's. Jesus H. Christ.(and I say that with my 'adult' agnostic voice)  I'm just about to unleash a string of 'Adult' words...I'll try and restrain myself.  In this time period of 50 Shades of Grey, (which I didn't read because it's so fucking poorly written, not because of any prudishness on my part, because, believe me, I've danced in many of the grey shades) And, oh yeah, I have no desire to see the stupid movie that lonely housewives in overtly religious states like Arkansas and Mississippi are flocking to. Go figure that fact.
So are you saying that crap like that soft porn is ok by you, but nudity in artwork is not? I'm just trying to figure out the guidelines here.
I'm going to quit now while my head is still attached to my body (my blood pressure is high as hell from all of this government and authorities 'trying to regulate morality')and hope that a few of you are sticking around to see what's next from 'Linda-Land'.