Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Scratching-Bud the Dog

Early morning post. I'm drinking my coffee, listening to Shawn Colvin on the ipod. Thinking about the time passing by. Can't help it, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm not real pleased about racking up the years and the physical changes it brings, but I am happy to be alive, making art. Hoping to keep on keeping on for at least another 40 years or so! My Grandmother is 99 and still going, so there is a possibility... The art offering for today is a sweet made up dog named Bud. He's an 8"x10" Ampersand Art Scratchboard with a combination of Liquitex Acrylic Ink and Clayboard ink. I'm off to tape and float sheetrock today at the house project. Will be so happy when this is done. I spent most of the day yesterday at the Fayetteville Underground in my studio and working my shift at the E Street Gallery. I miss it, love being there, looking forward to spending more time there in a month or so. Check it out, there are some really fine artists there making some really great art.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue-Eyed Yella Dog Scratchboard

I just love this blue-eyed yella dog! It's a 11"x14" Ampersand Art scratchboard with Clayboard inks. Based on a photo of one of my favorite dog friends, Ruby. She's a more reddish color and doesn't have blue eyes, but hey, using my artist license folks...I've shipped this off to Ampersand to be included in the booth design for the Namta conference in Phoenix AZ coming up in April. I'm flying out with the company to do some demos and work the booth. Exciting! Fun! My birthday is coming up this Friday. Going for some R&R with my sweetheart Thursday thru Sunday. I need it. I've been hitting it hard at the house remodel. Was hanging sheetrock most of the day yesterday. Banging around under the house the day before. My hands and body are aching. I guess I'm either out of shape (which is probably true) or getting too damned old (more truth) for this kind of work. Glad I do scratchboard and collage rather than large scale stone carving or other extreme physical art. I'm happy to be alive, living where I'm living, doing what I'm doing, filled with love.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Scratchboard Owl

This is another of the 5"x7" scratchboard owls. I had a lot of fun scratching this out, went pretty quickly. It's the usual, Ampersand Art scratchboard product with inks (some Clayboard inks, some Liquitex Acrylic ink) I like brushing the ink on and then carefully pulling it off with a paper towel as you can see in the wings and the eyes.
Spent the last week remodeling a house. Got a few moments in the studio to frame some large pieces, those will be shipped to Austin to Ampersand offices to be a part of the conference I'm going to in Phoenix in April. More about that later. I'm up to 30 followers, whoo hoo, makes me happy. Now, what would make me even happier is to have more comments from all y'all. Talk to me people!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Scratchboard Owl

Been working on some new designs. A girl can't do the Dog and Monkey show every day...can she? I used my favorite medium, Ampersand Art scratchboard with a variety of inks and tools.
It's a 5"x7" available for purchase at $100.00 framed. This guy looks a bit angry. I've done several variations and just moving the location of the eyes changes the mood...will post others in the next few days.
I've been revisiting my past profession of construction. I bought a house with two business partners and we've been tearing out walls, fixing termite damage and the latest as of yesterday, total gutting of the bathroom. I've been pushing and pushing to finish as soon as we can so I can get back to making art. My body hurts, my soul is hurting more. I find I have to just put on the blinders, ignore my body and soul, and keep moving forward to get through this. I know how to do it, did for 30 years, but do I want to do it much longer is the question. The ultimate goal is for me to live there, moving in sometime in May. Wish me luck! At least today I can start later than 8:00am.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chicken Chicken Scratchboard

My latest. 'Chicken Chicken' is the name. I'm sitting here this morning thinking about all the troubles in Japan, and all over the world. My biggest trouble this morning was the internet was slow! Good lord, what a big baby I am, compared to what others are enduring right now! Ok, I promise not to be an ugly, arrogant American, wanting what I want, when I want it. I'm working on it. This chicken, chicken is how I feel right now. What would I do if everything I had was washed away in a storm/earthquake disaster? Would I keep on keeping on? Or would I curl up into a ball, hoping someone else would take care of it all? I don't honestly know. I'd like to think I could push through but jeez louise, on this day, I am soft and spoiled. Would I be part of a revolution to overthrow a bad government? Would I, really? I'm here, in my comfortable home, full belly, about to go to my nice studio/gallery space, thanking my lucky stars for all I've got and sending what good thoughts I can out to the rest of the world, hoping for the best.
The skinny on the above is this; 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard with inks. I spray fixed it with Krylon Workable Fixitif. By the way, Krylon customer service is great. I've had a few spray problems lately and so called their hot line. Got some good advice and they are sending out some new product for me to try. So, besides the fact that the world is falling apart, I've still got art to make and stuff to make it with. What a life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Even More Cat Scratchboard!

Of the three cat subject scratchboards I've done recently this is one of my favorites. This is 'Munchie' and it is a 3"x5" Ampersand Art scratchboard. I used Clayboard inks and a couple of different tools that Ampersand sells. The three kitties will be shipped off to their home in a week or so. I've enjoyed this exercise. It's good for me to step outside the dog & monkey show. I'd be happy to do more cats now. I don't know why I avoided them, I really am a cat person.
I'm fixing to put together a couple of classes here in Fayetteville in the next two weeks. Will post details soon. I'm off to work in the studio at the Fayetteville Underground. I did my 3 hour gig in the gallery yesterday and made a sale for one of the artists. Whoo hoo!...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Cat Scratchboard

Here is 'Bumpkins', the second in my series of what will be three cat scratchboards. I did this on an Ampersand Art 3"x5" scratchboard. (This size is only available as a sample, I use them when I teach and am always happy when I have a few left over). The color is a combination of Clayboard inks and Liquidtex Acrylic ink (my favorite red). I gave it a spray of Krylon Workable Fixitif and it's done!

I got some great news last night regarding a project to create a product using my designs. Can't talk too much about it yet, suffice to say, YIPPIE! I am one happy, happy, artist today. Examples of my work will be all over the country soon! I will fill you in when I can.

I start my first shift working in the gallery at the Fayetteville Underground from 12-3 today. Hope I manage to sell some art for the folks hanging in the four gallery spaces there.

I'm stuck at 28 followers and while I appreciate each and every one of you, I'd love to at least add two more so I can be at 30. I wouldn't mind going above that number as well...hint, hint. If you know someone who might enjoy seeing my work and reading my posts please forward this to them and ask them to line up, and sign up! Thanks and bye for now.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Eyed Cat

This is a 3"x5" Ampersand Art scratchboard that I've been working on for a friend. As you can see it is a cat named 'Chiquita'. I've got two other cats in this series for her, will post those in the next few days. I haven't done many cat scratchboards, don't know why, I like cats as well as I like dogs. Maybe they are just harder to capture visually? Anyhow, I'm pretty darned happy with this one and the others. In fact I was so delighted today that I was giggling while doing them. Goofy eh? I love my job!
Today has had an element of sadness. A guy who was a regular institution around here died in a fire at his shop this morning. His name is Bruce Walker and the shop was 'Flying Possum Leather'. I only met him once, he reminded me of an old hippie. (funny that I say that, we are the same age) He and his shop were very 'old school' He didn't have a website, or even posted hours. He was a real, honest to god, character. The community is pretty stunned by it. I'm new here and I'm stunned.

Happy Little Bluebird

Well, I know this little bluebird may not appear to be happy, but it is...really! Mostly because it sold this past Thursday night at the Fayetteville Underground! I'm happy it's going on someone else's wall. I have very little attachment to my work after it is done, framed and hung. I'm on to the next just as quickly as I can go. This is small, 3"x5" Ampersand Art scratchboard with ink for the color. I'm working on some videos to post online for future scratchboard instruction purposes, will keep you posted on that. (look at me, I'm imagining that someone reads these posts!) And today the proposal for the 5"x7" kits goes out to retailers. Here's hoping something really good comes of it for all us all. Meanwhile, I just keep scratching and scratching...
I scratched out a different version of this (yellow and turned to the right) to fill the space on the wall in the gallery.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fayetteville Underground First Thursday

Here is what I've got up on the wall in the Fayetteville Underground 'Vault' Gallery. Tomorrow night from 5-8ish is the big First Thursday reception. If you are any where near this area come on down and eat, drink and look at art. Most of the artists will be there either mingling or hanging out in their studios. I hope to see a lot of folks coming through. There is some really great art on the walls, I'm really impressed with my fellow studio artists.
I will be talking scratchboard, (of course) and such...taking names and emails for future Ampersand Art scratchboard classes. I've also been working on setting up an area to do encaustic painting. Not sure exactly what that will all turn out to be. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted. I'm excited about working with a new material and maybe going in a new direction. Linda does not live only for the dog and monkey show....really!
The weather has been gorgeous here, I can hear the spring peepers outside. All is good in my world, hope the same is true for all of you. We truely are lucky folks here in the US.

Scratchboard Flowers

This is me just playing around with a 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard. I'm still in the process of adding color with inks, will post that later. This is not any great masterpiece by any stretch of my vivid imagination. Just an exercise to keep the knife in my hand, scratching on the board. When I find myself lacking inspiration I just knock out some piece that has no expectation of greatness. When I'm done playing with it I can go back to being a 'serious artist'. And I really mean that tongue in cheek...I can't make monkeys and dogs and funky still life studies and consider myself a serious, serious artist. It's all for fun folks!
I'm getting ready for 1st Thursday at the Fayetteville Underground. Will put up post about that with photos later. Also, still working on some exciting design projects with Ampersand...more on that when I know more!