Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scratchboard Flowers

This is me just playing around with a 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard. I'm still in the process of adding color with inks, will post that later. This is not any great masterpiece by any stretch of my vivid imagination. Just an exercise to keep the knife in my hand, scratching on the board. When I find myself lacking inspiration I just knock out some piece that has no expectation of greatness. When I'm done playing with it I can go back to being a 'serious artist'. And I really mean that tongue in cheek...I can't make monkeys and dogs and funky still life studies and consider myself a serious, serious artist. It's all for fun folks!
I'm getting ready for 1st Thursday at the Fayetteville Underground. Will put up post about that with photos later. Also, still working on some exciting design projects with Ampersand...more on that when I know more!

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