Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Studio at Fayetteville Underground!

I'm very happy to report that I've been accepted into the Fayetteville Underground as a studio artist. I worked like crazy for 3 days to get set up for a reception this past Thursday. Here are some photos of my studio so far. Usually they have a big doin's for 1st Thursday but it was rescheduled twice due to the huge snowfall we got earlier this month. Looking forward to having a show here and hanging with other artists. I've updated my website so take a look here. I'm heading to Austin to meet up with the folks at Ampersand Art who make the best scratchboard I've ever used! (besides all that, they are just the most delightful people I know...)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finished Assemblage Chickens Counted

I finished this commission in record time. God, I love making these assemblages...I love selling them even more though. I stopped making them, for awhile, because they were stacking up in my studio, taking up more space than I have to spare. I hate to be so driven by monetary concerns, but the reality is, art is not selling as well right now and I'm in the business of making and selling art. I have no desire to be a starving artist. Never did, that's why I dropped out of art school to become a plumber. There is nothing glamorous or desirable about poverty to me. I once knew someone who's father is very wealthy and he would buy her a car, tv addition to paying for her college education. She turned her back on all of that (after being done with school of course) and basically took a vow of poverty. So interesting to me, that's the last thing I would have wanted to do as I struggled to pay rent and tuition with little help from my family. Seems to me, those who choose a 'vow of poverty' don't really know poverty. Or haven't been raised in poverty worrying about bills being paid or food to eat and so forth. Even my poverty experience is still much better than the majority of the people in the world who have so very little in comparison. Oh my, I'm on run with my opinions now, eh? What better place than my blog.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counting Chickens Under The Tree Of Money Assemblage

Working on this commission for a client at Wally Workman Gallery. This is a 2d sketch that I put together using pieces and parts of photos, and then painted and drew on, etc.. Kind of a collage of sorts. I'm so psyched up to be doing this. I love assemblage work, just haven't done much lately because it doesn't sell very easily at the galleries. The finished product will be 3d and around 11"x14". As I said in the above title, it's currently known as; 'Counting Chickens Under The Tree Of Money'. After weeks and weeks of scratching away at scratchboard designs for Ampersand Art ,I am relieved and happy to have this break. I'll get back to scratchboard soon enough as I've got 15 new pieces that need inked.
It's cold here, sounds like it's cold just about everywhere. I'm hunkered down in the little blue house on the highway. Stay warm and healthy folks.