Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfect Days

I'm at the tail end of travel. Headed back to NW Arkansas tomorrow. Today has been just the sweetest. Staying with friends who have a sweet little 2 yr old. She's swimming with Mama. Papa is mowing in the back field (he's very happy to be doing it) I'm sitting in the shade near the pool, listening to all of the TX summer sounds. Noisy bugs in the trees, the tractor mowing, music playing, and the laughter of a little girl splashing. Dreamy day. I'm happy to be here, and also happy to be going back home for a spell. I haven't drawn a dog in two weeks and I'm getting a little twitchy about that. I've got photos from 3 store demos that I did on the East Coast, will post those when I get settled at home. For now, I'm just so delighted with this moment in time. And I'm happy to be able to just take it all in.