Saturday, February 21, 2009

Houses, Houses, and more Houses!

Still making the houses. Here is a photo of 15 of them laid out in the driveway. Still go into the 'zone' when I'm doing it. I can cut and paste up about 4 of these 5X7's in a short while. Also have started painting some houses on little canvas'. There are four 4"X4" and one 8"X10" in the other photo. Not sure why I am so compelled to do these. But I've learned to not question just follow the urge to see where it goes. So here I am, making paper houses.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Things Can't be Fixed or Early Spring Cleaning in the Studio

Last night for no reason other than it was there, in my face, I started tossing items and failed artwork from my studio. My hoarding gene (which I got from my Mother) had caused me to hang on to art and objects that I kept thinking I would finish or use or 'fix'. Finally, my purging gene (from my Father) kicked in and things flew into a big pile. I carried the load up this morning to the trash, which will be picked up no changing of my mind and rescuing items! It's amazing the amount of clutter I've been able to endure in my tiny studio. Here's the's a 12X16 shed that I lived in for 6 months a couple of years ago (that's a whole other story) It's jammed full of vintage paper and junk that folks used to leave on my doorstep. I'm glad I'm not in town anymore, even if the items left were not that interesting to me I always had a hard time throwing out the 'gifts' from friends if they were not usable in my art. Thinking about this today I realized I'm a 'fixer' by nature. If it's not houses and plumbing's the art pieces that I just kept thinking, 'Well, this isn't very good now, but I can fix it, so why get rid of it?' Now I realize not everything can or should be fixed. What a great relief!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scratchboard Drawings inspired by photos

When I'm not making art or fixing houses, I collect and sell vintage paper, photos and collectibles. What can't be sold because of damage I use in artworks, mostly assemblages. But, I also occasionally keep some items just for my enjoyment. These two scratch boards, 'Red Shoes' and 'The Final Campaign' were based on images from vintage snapshots (both from circa 1910-20) that I've held on to because I like the way they look. I just love the little boy holding the puppy...and of course I added the birds and so forth from my head. 'The Final Campaign' is from an shot that really grabs me. This woman with her coat is photographed several times in the album I have. I have a feeling the coat, and the woman really was something in the day. I don't know who she was or where this was. Doesn't really matter, although I do like keeping her 'alive' by using her likeness. Anyhow, this piece was for a group show at Wally Workman Gallery with the theme being 'The Boat Show'. Thought I'd put it out there that I can scratch out more than just Monkeys and Dogs!! Both pieces are available at the gallery. I'm adding the boy & puppy photo so you can see where I started from. Don't have a digital copy of the woman on the computer right now. Will add later

I've been in the studio lately making more of the 5X7 house collages. I've got about 20 of them now. It's almost an obsession...but in a good way. It keeps me out of trouble and I don't have to think about much I just make them. Plus I have an incredible amount of vintage paper that needs using! I can make usually about 4 at a time. My goal is to make 100 of them. Every one is different but the same idea. The same shape over and over and yet none are exactly the same. So many variables. Once I get that done I'll hang them in a show, call it 100/Houses of Belonging and charge $100.00 each for them. More about this later. I need to take some photos of the latest and will post soon.

The 5X7 scratch drawings are selling like crazy. I guess the price point of $100.00 is right for artwork to sell in this economy. I'm happy about that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting out of that Stuck in a rut Place

Today I felt pretty cranky. I was finishing up some fix-it work at my rental house rather than making art. Must admit I'd rather be in my studio making something than anything else. But duty calls and I just had to get this done. So lately I've felt just a bit stuck with my art. Could have something to do with the repair work lately which has pulled me away from art. Or could just be I'm stuck...So I scratched this 'Man in suit' scratchboard out the other night. A departure from my usual monkeys and birds. Felt good. It's based on a vintage snapshot from my pile. Don't know who he doesn't matter. Looks a lot like the artist Lisa Brawn's work. I just recently discovered her (thanks to a friend who sent a link to her website)

That's really all I have right now. Tomorrow is a plumbing job...practical nature taking over right now...bills must be paid!