Monday, March 30, 2009

Chickens and Such

Scratchboard Demo at Jerry's Artarama was great! Good number of folks came and stayed and left with their own scratches plus extra sample boards and even a few tools. Will be doing this again May 9th. I realized that I love teaching, esp. about this medium. What was so interesting that day was how everyone uses the product differently. My friend Cheryl Finfrock took to it and it really works well with her abstract expressionism style. I hope she posts some examples soon and works it into some larger pieces.

I'm putting up some images that are new works I've produced for Dahlia Wooods Gallery in Dallas. They are 8x10 scratchboard which is a new size for me to work with. Plus I've introduced a quirky element of scratching on top of the this case some tic tac doe.

Just got back from Marfa, TX and will report on that soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jerry's Artarama Scratchboard Demo Sat. March 14

I keep forgetting to do this whole networking thing....This coming Saturday I will be at Jerry's Artarama in Austin TX doing a scratchboard demonstration. It's free and it's happening from 12-3pm at their store at 6010 I-35 exit 238A #512-420-9359. Looking forward to recruiting new converts! I love scratchboard and need more people to love it so Ampersand will continue to make their excellent product. I have tried the paper type and even the expensive British Scraperboard, but I still come back to the Ampersand 'Clayboard' type. It is a superior product!

Here's an old scratchboard I did(from a couple years back) of 'Big House Orchids'. This was on 'scratch paper' spray adhesive mounted on a board. Turned out ok, but the paper is harder to work with and end product is not as clean as you know what....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Show With Disco Stars!

As promised, here is the shot of me with the two guys dressed as disco porn stars. They were on their way to a theme party. No one at the art show had asked them what the outfits were all about...except for me. I marched right up and got the info. And then we posed for a pic. I was laughing and even yelped a bit with the guy to the left of me grabbed my rear! So this is a post for fun. I'll post art later.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black Bird Scratchboard and Art Shows!

Been working on a 16"X20" Scratchboard. Photos are beginning basic layout and finished product. All I have to do now is put the 1X2 framework on the back and prepare it to hang...hopefully in Wally Workman Gallery. Went to several openings on Saturday. Open Studio of my pal Terrell Powell. Love his work! He doesn't have a website but if you google him you can see examples. Stopped by house/studio of Kelly Newhouse, She's young and up and coming. Really like her style. I picked out a small colored pen drawing for my collection. Kelly is one of my favorite employees at Jerry's Artarama here in Austin. Don't think she has a website yet. Will post it if and when.

Another friend had a solo show at Wally Workman's...Cheryl Finfrock. Her website is Wild colors and wild subject matter! She makes her dreams come alive on canvas. Great show, great turnout.

Finally I stopped by Progress Coffee for the opening of a photography show by Rui Cavender. Great black and white images. And I got to pose for a photo with two guys who were dressed up in 80's porn star disco outfits. (they were going to a theme party later) They were decked out in skimpy colorful bathing suits, brown vests (with no shirts) and big sunglasses. What fun! I'll post that photo later!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Evolution and the new gallery

This assemblage is one of my older ones that is still hanging around. One of my favorites. Title is 'Evolution/Through the eyes of a child'. Thought I'd put it up here just because.
I met with Dahlia and Jonathon Woods of Dahlia Woods Gallery in Dallas. Signed a contract to show with them. I'll be getting work in there in April and will be in a group show in June with several pieces. Their website is They are interested in showing the scratchboard and assemblages. I'm pretty excited about all this. Now, I've got to get busy and produce some more pieces. We talked about doing a Spring 2010 show with the 5X7 collage houses I've been working on...made 3 more today. Hope to have at least 100 for the show.
Have also talked with my buddy Joshua at Progress Coffee ( about maybe hanging some pieces there. I continue to sell the 5X7 scratchboards at Wally Workman Gallery. All in all 2009 is looking to be pretty spite of the economy etc...