Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Houses

More little houses. Most of these are on Ampersand Art hardboard, with a variety of sources for the paper collage work. I'm fond of using 1940's magazines and other cool old paper. The more brown and brittle the better! The four little houses are 4- 3"x5" boards mounted into frames that I build with my own two old hands. The three little houses are 5"x7" boards. I started this little house project about a year ago. Didn't know at the time where it was leading me, I just knew I had to make at least 100 of these...and I did. They sat around in a box for 7 months until inspiration struck me up on a ridge top in the middle of nowhere while living in, what else, a little house! These are all available, in various sizes and prices. I've relocated into a larger house, with hot water and flush toilet etc.. Realized the other day that it's been about 5 years since I've lived someplace that had more than one room! I'm happy to have more space, but it's nice to know I can live with less if need be.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to get scratching!

Okay, okay, break time is over now. I spent last weekend in Austin doing scratchboard demonstrations and sales in the Ampersand Booth at the Texas Art Educator's Assoc. conference. It was a true shot in the arm! Just what I needed to get back on track with my art. Lack of sales, be damned! I need to make art, if it sells in the galleries, great. If not, I still have to make it anyway. I've been doing my 'little houses' series like crazy. Same format; panel painted black, collaged vintage paper houses, little people in the doors and windows with red paint on the background. Have built frames and have been putting it all together for the upcoming thanksgiving show at the Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos. Can't wait, big fun. Meanwhile here is one of my many little house works for your enjoyment.