Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All Is Good--All Is Fine

The above are some earlier examples of my "Little Originals". They are 2x2 inch scratchboards colored with Ampersand Scratchboard inks. These are from maybe two years ago.

These "Little Originals", on the other hand are from this past spring. I love making the "littles", they are challenging detail wise and just darned good fun for me.
I'm working on several pet portrait commissions, along with creating a heap of the little original scratchboards for a few holiday shows.  It's all good here. I'm fine.
I've spent the past four or five years sorting and cataloging the archives of my favorite poet and there is still so much to do. I'm happy with that for now. It's incredibly interesting and helps me to feel even closer to him though he's been dead now for nine months. I suppose I will be extremely sad when I'm finished, it will be another kind of letting go. And damn, I've been learning to let go for sure.
 I'm terribly busy...what with the art-making, archive sorting, and oh yeah, caretaker of a almost 98 year old man (that's a whole different storyline for another time). What curious twists and turns my life has taken, from artist to plumber, back to artist, to archivist, to healthcare. I'm usually juggling all of them, well, not so much the plumber anymore, as it's too hard on me physically. And that's just fine with me.
Today I travel to Boston for a week with friends. My first time off in quite a while. Excited. Happy.
Sorry for the somewhat blurry photos. I prefer that to finding them duplicated without my permission...and I really hate the 'hallmark' thing that some artists put on their images to try to prevent copyright infringement. Just don't use something that doesn't belong to you. Simple as that. Got it? Thanks.