Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Dog And Monkey Show Fayetteville Underground

"The Dog And Monkey Show" opens this week at the Fayetteville Underground. The Galleries will be open this week starting Weds thru Friday from 12noon to 7pm. And Saturday from 10am to 5pm.  The reception is 5- 8pm September 1st which is 1st Thursday y'all.  Big doin's, so I'm hoping folks can make it down.
 It's my first solo show there and it's in the Revolver Gallery (which is huge!)  I've got around 40 new pieces ready to go on the wall.  I'll be in there hanging the show tomorrow, and doing all the finishing touches.  I'm excited.  I'm happy. There is a lot of really amazing art on the walls in the other 3 galleries, so please, check it out.
I'm scheduled to do two scratchboard classes there at the Underground in the classroom, on Saturday Sept. 10th and 24th from noon to 3pm.  The cost is low,  $15.00 per person, per class.  Pre-registration is requested as class size is limited to 20 folks per class.  There will be a sign up sheet in the E Street Gallery, as well as in the Revolver thursday evening.  I'll have Ampersand Art Supply scratchbord samples, tools, inks, patterns to trace, and various paints there, everything you need to walk out with a finished or almost finished artwork.  Scratchboard is fun, instantly gratifying and all ages are invited to attend. Scratchboard is made with an archival sealed hardboard that then has a layer of white kaolin clay with black ink on top. You scratch thru the black, expose the white and if desired, you can add color using inks, paints etc.. There will be a limited amount of the scratchbord kits that I designed for Ampersand Art available for sale 1st Thursday. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Little Dog Scratchboard Art

This scratchboard is huge!  2 ft.x3 ft.  I've been scratching for days on this.  Plus it was harder because it was originally a white Ampersand Art Claybord that I inked myself with Speedball India Ink.  The ink on the surface is important as some of them make kind of a hard 'shell' on top of the clay surface.  Unfortunately this was the case so I had to sharpen my tools again and again.  And my hand is aching from all the tough scratching.  Sufferin' for my art! I really prefer using the pre-inked boards.
 I based this on a photo of Loca the little chihuahua.  My friend Joslyn Baker took the photo (she's a fabulous photographer, check her out) and with her permission I translated it into my style.  The original had Loca looking the other way,  I reversed it and then added the text on the left.  It's from an old 'Story A Day' book that I picked up at an estate sale.  It's old enough (early 20's) that it had some really offensive racial stuff in it.  Don't worry, I did edit it.  Hard to believe they could do that with a dog story. And for children.  Come on people!
 I mixed it up a bit too.  Working title is "Really Big Little Dog"  or "The Adventures Of A Really Big Little Dog".  It's not finished,  but has to be done by Monday so I best get going.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Airstream With Leopard Print

Designing a leopard print airstream piece continues.  Really like this version, hope the customer does as well.  This is, of course on Ampersand Art favorite!  The only product I endorse, and would endorse even if I did not receive compensation. (which I do in the form of product and payment for classes I teach)  The 5x7 scratchboard kits have been shipped to stores.  I'm waiting to find out if NW Arkanasas stores have gotten them.  Every time I go into Hobby Lobby to buy something I check the shelves for my kits....not yet, dang it.  It still isn't quite real that I've got 6 different kits now out there in the world. 
I'll be teaching two classes in September at the Fayetteville Underground.  Plan so far is Saturdays 12-3pm the 10th and 24th.  I bring the goods and you bring me $15.00.  Such a bargain!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Airstream With Leopard Skin Scratchboard Art

Been working on this piece for a commission.  It may or may not be the one they choose. But I've had a good time doing it, so what the heck.  If they don't want it someone else will!  It's a 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard with inks.  I used the fine needle tool on the two windows.  Sandpaper on the green ground and scraper knives on the rest of it.  Sprayed with a nice coat of Krylon Workable Fixitif. When I'm not making dogs and monkeys, I'm scratching out what ever folks if you've got a request, give me a holler and I'll see what I can do.
Here is the lowdown...I use and endorse Ampersand Art scratchboard and their other products.  I receive compensation from them for teaching and when they license my designs.  I would use their scratchboard, regardless of compensation, it's that good.  And besides that, they are a great group of folks, who consistently put out a wonderful art product made right here in the U.S.  Buy local, support small mom and pop business'. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

West Coast Scratchboard Info At Flax Art

Very cool site of a West Coast (San Fran Bay Area) Art Supply.   I'll be teaching a Ampersand Art Scratchbord class there within the next 6-8 Months!  I love my life!  I love scratching!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Dog Scratchboard WIP

Started this piece yesterday...lots to do before it is done and on the wall at the Fayetteville Underground.  It's an 18"x24" Ampersand Art scratchboard.  Not sure what is going to happen with the background,  maybe some collaged vintage papers, or stencil shapes with color.  Pretty sure the dog is going to remain black and white with the only color the eyes, collar and tag.  The big ball may end up having some design on it...or at least some color.  I spent much of the morning yesterday working on trying to salvage another piece. This was totally finished.  Because of the heat here I've had to spray these with fixatif inside. Usually I take them outside during the day, so I have plenty of light to see what coverage is on the the piece while spraying. What has happened while doing it inside, is either I spray too much which gives a haze on the black or I've gotten dust from the ac vent or other crap on the wet surface.  Anyhow, I'm painting with india ink on the black trying to get it smooth with a brush. Hard to do. Ampersand sprays the black ink on.  May either have to junk the piece (which would make me cry because I love it so much) or live with it as is and tell folks that's how I meant it to be.  Will try more ink today, and then spray it tomorrow and hope for the best.  I love working with scratchboard, but let me tell you, it's not always as easy as it looks.  On to the studio.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Monkeys In The Garden

Work in progress.  Monkeys in the know which one.  Still have a lot of work to do before hanging this in my show at the Fayetteville Underground Sept. 1.  It's big,  24"x36". You can see the outline of this piece a few posts back.  Ampersand Art scratchboard with inks and collaged paper.  I'm loving how the mountains turned out. (really? I'm loving all of it...) I may put a wash on top of these, and the foreground.  Both are vintage papers.  I've been working on this at home as my studio at the Underground is packed full.  That's a hint for all y'all to start buying some art.  If not from me, from other artists.  You think you are hurting?  Think of those of us who rely on patrons, gallery sales etc...Sales are slow as can be, the extreme heat and the freaking crazy economy is not helping either. I have no desire to be a starving artist.  No one in their right mind wants that.  So do me and all us artists out there working hard to make your lives a bit brighter, happier and amazing with fresh original art, open your hearts and wallets.  Thank you very much.  I promise your life will be much better with art in hand and on the walls.