Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Dog Scratchboard WIP

Started this piece yesterday...lots to do before it is done and on the wall at the Fayetteville Underground.  It's an 18"x24" Ampersand Art scratchboard.  Not sure what is going to happen with the background,  maybe some collaged vintage papers, or stencil shapes with color.  Pretty sure the dog is going to remain black and white with the only color the eyes, collar and tag.  The big ball may end up having some design on it...or at least some color.  I spent much of the morning yesterday working on trying to salvage another piece. This was totally finished.  Because of the heat here I've had to spray these with fixatif inside. Usually I take them outside during the day, so I have plenty of light to see what coverage is on the the piece while spraying. What has happened while doing it inside, is either I spray too much which gives a haze on the black or I've gotten dust from the ac vent or other crap on the wet surface.  Anyhow, I'm painting with india ink on the black trying to get it smooth with a brush. Hard to do. Ampersand sprays the black ink on.  May either have to junk the piece (which would make me cry because I love it so much) or live with it as is and tell folks that's how I meant it to be.  Will try more ink today, and then spray it tomorrow and hope for the best.  I love working with scratchboard, but let me tell you, it's not always as easy as it looks.  On to the studio.

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