Sunday, August 21, 2011

Airstream With Leopard Print

Designing a leopard print airstream piece continues.  Really like this version, hope the customer does as well.  This is, of course on Ampersand Art favorite!  The only product I endorse, and would endorse even if I did not receive compensation. (which I do in the form of product and payment for classes I teach)  The 5x7 scratchboard kits have been shipped to stores.  I'm waiting to find out if NW Arkanasas stores have gotten them.  Every time I go into Hobby Lobby to buy something I check the shelves for my kits....not yet, dang it.  It still isn't quite real that I've got 6 different kits now out there in the world. 
I'll be teaching two classes in September at the Fayetteville Underground.  Plan so far is Saturdays 12-3pm the 10th and 24th.  I bring the goods and you bring me $15.00.  Such a bargain!

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