Friday, November 18, 2011

Making Art/Not Making Art

I've been in Texas for a few weeks now, visiting friends and doing some art business.  Much is focused on art and the scratchbord kits and demo's and classes.  And yet, I haven't made much actual art since I've been traveling.  Now, mind you, I've been thinking about art a lot.  And planning pieces in my head.  And doing demos I do get to make art, kind of....Plus I've been stocking up on supplies that are not available back in Fay'vlle.  I've got several bottles of my new favorite sealer for collage, Golden's UV Varnish (Matte). Still have to get a few more things before I leave the big city...I'm really getting my fill of breakfast taco's, bbq and a certain little, almost two year old!
Yesterday I stopped in Aaron Brother's Framing store at Sunset Valley Marketfair.  My Scratchbord kits were on the wall, oh joy!  Next step, try and set up some in-store demos to introduce folks who shop there to my world.
Today I'm posting a little mixed media collage piece, of a sweet 'Pointy-Eared Dog'.  This is a 4"x4" artist panel (from Ampersand, of course)  I used some Golden Acrylic paint and gel medium, along with some vintage papers I had lying around...and there you go-ART!  It's not scratchbord, but I did do some scratching texture into the background paint before it dried.  I top-coated with a matte Golden Gel Medium to protect it.
Be sure and mark your calendar for the weekend right after Thanksgiving.  I'll be out in San Marcos, TX with a bunch of other artists selling our creations at the Eye Of The Dog Art Center.  This is the third year I've attended this show as a crafts person.  It is definitely a good time.  Much different from shopping at the mall, in a very good way. You'll need directions as it is out in the country.  But, with art, food, drink and fun, absolutely worth it.  Check it out here.  Friday night is a sweet party there with Ponty Bone playing. All are welcome, hope you can make it out.
And of course,  Ampersand scratchbord demo at Jerry's Artarama Austin, tomorrow, Saturday the 19th from noon to 3pm.  FREE!  Need I say more?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Ampersand Scratchbord Demo At Jerry's Artarama Austin!

Yes dear folks, I am in beautiful Austin, Texas.  Home of Ampersand Scratchbord (and other delicious art bords, like gessobord, claybord etc...) Check out their website to see all of them.  I will be at the Jerry's Artarama Austin on N. I-35 this Saturday November 19th from 12noon-3pm teaching all who stop by about the wonders of scratchbord.  If you are out and about stop by for a bit and play.  If you've ever tried the paper version of scratchboard and been frustrated with how it tears and deteriorates, stop right in and try Ampersand's surface.  I have been in love with this product for 10 years.  Hmmmn, my longest relationship so far.  And it's a good one! Go to the Ampersand website to learn more...about the bord, not my relationship history y'all!

This is a little 5"x7" version of my owl design on the scratchbord, without color added.  Usually I add inks from the Claybord ink set that Ampersand sells, but I thought I'd go grey with this one.  I'm off to more visiting with friends, and some damn good tacos!  Enjoy your day, stay in the moment and make some art...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What A Mess Of Art!

This is the living room after hauling most of the stuff out of my studio at the Fayetteville Underground.  Dang, I've really got the whole 'body of work' thing a'going on here.  Now granted, some of this is going to Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX.  Some of it is going to Eye Of The Dog Art Center in San Marcos, TX for their annual after turkey day home show, and finally, some of it is my Ampersand Art scratchbord teaching materials for demos and workshops.  I'm heading out to Texas for art fun!  Can't wait to see all my friends! and I'm doing a bunch of scratchbord and stampbord workshops.  If you are in Austin, be sure and stop by Jerry's Artarama on I-35, Saturday November 19th from 12-3pm.  I'll be there doing a free demo.  Yippie eye oh!
The sad thing about this picture is that there is another room in the house that I use as a studio, it is full up too. Sad, because I really just want to sell it all to make room for making more. So, what I ask you is, instead of buying the newest phone, fad, or whatever, buy some art...from me, or any other artist.  The economy has hit us hard too.
 I really hope folks will support the Underground artists in our new adventure.  Check out our morph the org website to learn more. 
Meanwhile, I've got a heap o' packing to do...Yah hoo!
I guess all I really wanted to say is...I'm off for a bit, I'll miss all y'all in the Arkansas Ozarks.  But I'll be back for our last 1st Thursday at the Fayetteville Square location.  I hope y'all can come out and visit with us. Bring your dollars and do a little or a lot of art shopping.  And I really hope you will help us continue to bring amazing art to this sweet little burg!  Chow babies!