Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Xmas-Ho-Ho-Ho

Made it through the cold winter weather here. The Little Craft Show was fun, although not super well attended because of the ice and snow. The folks who came were sweet and enthusiastic and I even picked up a few commissions because of it. Now I'm finishing up the last of the last drawings for others..spent some time waiting in line at the Post Office to ship done dog art. Here are a few of the drawings that I've done that I can share because the owner has already received and opened their gift. This is part of the reason why I do this: the dog recently passed on and the owner is deeply moved by the drawings; this makes me so happy.

I also finished and shipped a piece to a long-lost friend who is ill and after receiving it and giving to her partner told me, "getting a piece of your art was on my bucket list." I'm so glad I was able to make that happen.
This all makes me think about how fragile and dear this life is. One minute you're there, and then the switch turns off, and you're not. Making this art, making folks happy with it--that's what it's all about for me. I really don't need much, or want much....just let me make this art for as long as I can.
Happy Holidays people. It's not about the presents, or the big whoop-la,  I really don't even believe it's about whatever religion you follow, it's about being kind to one another. If you can't do that, if your 'beliefs' cause you to be unkind to people, well damn, I feel sorry for you. Try this; try believing there is nothing after you die. This is it, make the most of it while you can, and try to not be an asshole. If you do get some great 'reward' after, that's just icing on the cake. 
Now don't get your "panties in a wad" and enjoy your life!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Today is The Little Craft Show Day!

In spite of the snow and cold, the show must go on! The truck is loaded and I'll be picking up my helper in a few hours. I hope folks are able to come out and shop. There are about 70 vender/artists who have been working very hard to get ready for this.
If you are in Northwest Arkansas area, come on out between 11-6pm today. Check it out here.
I'm drinking lots of coffee trying to wake up and get ready for this. I am really more of an introvert and doing these public affairs take a lot out of me. Oh what the hell, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
 Whoo hoo! Let's go Art Sales!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Art Show Prep Sunday Morning

It's my last Sunday in Austin and it's been a great visit, but I'm ready to get back to my little home studio and scratch out a few commissions. I've met up with some old friends and made some new ones in the past two weeks. That, and staying with my Austin family who have a delightful little almost 4 year old, has made me feel very grateful and loved.
Today is the final day of the Eye of the Dog Art Center home show from noon-4. I've been doing this show for five years now (dang...time going/moving and all that) and it's always a 'time-marker' for me. Four years ago my mother was being buried, back in Indiana, during the show. I always think of that and of her during this time of year. There are many reasons why I didn't attend the funeral, without going into all of the family drama, (and believe me there is some family drama) let's just say, she always taught me that 'the show must go on', no matter what. And so it did, and so it does, and so we do.
I'll be headed out for my little road trip tomorrow. I love the driving, thinking, or not thinking, listening to podcasts or wild talk shows on the radio. I've been asked if I get lonely, or if I wished I had a companion to share the initial answer is 'hell no!'
Although, I have had some past road trips with friends that are truly memorable, this driving time is my meditation. And I need that meditation just like I need my art making.
Next stop, The Little Craft Show in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I'm looking forward to a very concentrated selling event. One day, December 7 from 11-6pm. Whoo hoo-Let's go little doggies!!
Speaking of little doggies; This is Maggie. I did this commission a few months back and Maggie's people loved it. It's a 5x7 inch Ampersand Art scratchboard in a simple black floater frame. I loved doing this. I'd love to do one for you. Drop me a line here and we can make this happen.
Cheers! And Happy Trails!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wally Workman Gallery Event--The Cat Scratchin' Book Signin'

I look forward to this coming Thursday night from 5:30-7:30 when I'll be at Wally Workman Gallery signing Cat Scratchin' books and hopefully making some money for Austin Pets Alive! who will get a percentage of sales. I want more than a few folks to come out.
Having the big art giveaway was such a great lesson in giving. I loved the excitement that was generated on facebook and am happy that shelters all over the country got donations based on my cleaning out the studio. I'm passing on the last of those pieces to the recipients  this week and hope to do it again soon. I don't regret any of those pieces handed out. I'm trying to hang onto less and less 'stuff'. Even the artworks that I loved so much while making are good to go soon.
On the road in a few days. It's been about eight months since my last journey and that's too damned long. Still working on the structure of the next book, which will be launched on kickstarter in January. Weekend after thanksgiving is the Eye of the Dog Art Center show, which is one of my favorites.
All is good in Linda-Land today. Hope all is good in yours as well.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Free Art

As I work on cleaning out my studio in preparation for the next adventure in my life I keep coming across stacks of unsold artwork. The above is a 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard with ink. It's available, for free at my facebook page Linda Sheets Art. Look it up and go 'like' my page and jump on in. There are 3 pieces available right now. I've been listing them like mad. All I ask is you pay shipping and packing charges and also that you give some donation (amount your choice) to a shelter, animal or people. I'm soon to be out of a house and into a small RV so I can't carry this stuff around and I really don't want to put it into storage. I'd rather have folks enjoy all of it, especially if their finances are tight. So go claim a piece if you wish. One per fighting!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let The Art Fly Out The Door.

The above, "Big Black-Bird" is available, for free, for the next 36 hours. It's early Linda scratchboard with acrylic work, 16"x20". If you want it, go to my facebook page Linda Sheets Art and first, like my page and then like this photo and say, "Hell yes, Linda, I want this!" If you don't want this piece you can still like my page, ya dig?You will pay for packaging and shipping, simple as that. I'm clearing out the old so I can continue to make new. The thing about this is it's a fun walk down the path leading to where I am today. This is from 2008 (I think) and while I'm so much better/different with my technique now, it does give me some perspective. Would I rather be selling art? Of course, and I am selling newer stuff. I'm just of the mind that either it should go to someone who will appreciate it or it must go to the dumpster. (I'm not going to be storing or carting these things around forever) So I'll be posting these free-bees until I run out of old work that needs a home. Mostly around noon, but don't hold me to that, because I might get a wild hair and put up two or three a day.
I love seeing these go out the door. A couple stopped by today to get the "Monkey Stack" and I'm glad they got it because they love it.  They were kind of shy about asking for it online...please, don't be shy, these are first come, first served and I really mean it.
And if you're worried about me getting rid of these, don't be. I love making the art, but when a piece is done, I'm done with it and would much rather have it be gone than just hanging around. That's how the process works for me.
The other request I have is, if you do take one of these pieces, please make a donation to your local animal shelter. Whatever amount you can give, and I don't need verification, we're on the honor system here.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Free Art--Yes Free

I've been spending some time cleaning out my studio in preparation for the next big adventure. Currently I have a heap of large and small art that is old work just sitting or hanging around and I am ready to heave it out the door. I started yesterday on facebook and have already given one away. So starting today until I'm finished I will be posting at least one if not two pieces of artwork at my facebook page Linda Sheets Art. You can go there to see what's currently on the way out. And for the love of crap, like my page while you're at it. I don't know what benefit that is to me, but everyone seems to be doing it for some reason or another, and god knows I like to be liked.
Here are some rules:
*You will pay for packaging and shipping. If you don't have the money for this, obviously don't say you want a piece of artwork. If you are in Fayetteville, AR or Austin, TX we can arrange for it will really be free--free for y'all.
*The artwork will be available for 36 hours (give or take a few) and then, if there are  no takers it going in the dumpster
*If you've already snagged one piece from this give-away, hold back and let someone else get one
*You must give the art a good home...but knowing that I can't control your behavior and the destiny of the art after it leaves me at least know that I retain full copyright to the piece.
Ok, let the games begin! I appreciate you helping me lighten my load and hope that my art makes you happy. If you don't see something you like, for crying out loud, commission something. I'm fast and not too expensive. This is how I make my living...and while giving it away may not make much sense, I can't take it with me when I'm on the road (or when dead) and I don't want to take up the space in the storage unit. Plus, and I know a lot of artists who agree with me here, if it hangs around me unsold I feel strange about creating new art. It's a mental thing...and I want to continue creating out the door with it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kickstarter Cat Poster Funded!

Well, the short funding period came and went and I raised the money to make a small, limited edition of posters of all of the cats from the Cat Scratchin' book. Whew. I'm happy. Oddly enough (or maybe not odd at all) the Dog Scratchin' posters raised more money (double what I was asking for) I don't know what to think of that, although I do know from experience that most cat people want a portrait that looks exactly like their cat(or as close to exact as I can do). Dog people are usually more open to variation of design. I've sold more dog portraits that only slightly resemble their dogs. Curious.

The photos here are of my latest projects that I'm making for craft/art shows. Plus I'm working out the displays for said shows.  These are Linda's Little Originals. They are 2"x3" Ampersand Art Scratchboards.  Most are just ornaments with a loop for a tree hanger, but some are both ornaments and pins that can be worn. I'm churning these out like mad. I've also picked up some commissions that need to be done before the holidays...the Littles can be done for $15.00 + shipping, let me know if you are interested....soon! I'm fast, but I'm getting booked up.
I'll be in Austin, TX Thursday November 21st 5:30-7:30 at Wally Workman Gallery signing and selling books and art. This event will give a portion of sales to Austin Pets Alive which is one of my favorite shelters. Save the date and if you are able to attend, I hope to see you there.
I will also be out in San Marcos, TX at The Eye of the Dog Art Center Home Show November 29th, 30th and Dec. 1st.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kickstarter Cat Poster Project is Live!

This is #1 of a total of four different posters that I'm putting together for a kickstarter project. Earlier this year I drew 78 cats for the Cat Scratchin' book. These posters will have every cat (twenty per poster) plus two for a total of 80 cats in a limited edition series of posters, signed and numbered. Today is the first day of thirteen days to fund. If you love cats and want to participate please go take a look at the project and jump in. Thanks, I appreciate your support. And the posters are pretty awesome! Here's the link:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Keep Making Art

Today finds me struggling with an almost migraine headache. Not a good thing, and yet, I still want to be making my art product. I've had way too many migraines in my life and they really knock me silly for a bit. Is this a sign that I need to take a break? Or just a bit of weirdness that I have no control over? Who knows? Not me.
Well, anyhow I'm pushing onward. The above are some not-so-great photos of my latest Little Originals series. These are 2"x2" Ampersand Scratchboard that were originally their white 'Stampbord' that I inked with Speedball Super Black. Voila, scratchboard! They have pins on the back so they can be worn on shirts, caps, backpacks and what have you. I also added a small loop at the top so they can be hung on your Xmas, or Festivus or what-you-may-call-it tree. Fun stuff. I can sit and watch (or not watch) TV shows on my laptop while knocking these out. And the packaging helps make them look 'real' I think. I'm looking forward to seeing how these sell at Eye of the Dog Home show November 29,20, Dec 1 in San Marcos, TX and at The Little Craft Show Saturday Dec. 7th here in Fayetteville.  I hope they do sell because I made a whole heap of these in a variety of subject matter. (see just a few above)
I will be launching a new Kickstarter project next week to make a limited series of Cat Scratchin' posters. I just picked them up from Moxy Ox in Tontitown, AR and they look awesome! It's going to be a quick, small project. I'm only asking for $500.00 (but I'll take more if folks want them) and it will run for 13 days to fund. It's all a crap-shoot doing these projects. At first I thought I didn't want to do anymore Kickstarter projects...because it can be stressful putting them together and then working the crowd to fund them. This one will be a grand experiment to see if doing a shorter funding period works better. Usually after 30 days, I'm exhausted from having to 'beat' the facebook/instagram/pinterest/twitter bushes to get backers. Plus if they don't fund right away I lose sleep and get all bent out of whack. This project will launch next week and will end during the dreaded Mercury Retrograde!! If you know me, all new things and contract signing, communication etc screeches to a halt during MR. I'm kind of superstitious, but also in my defense, I've experienced major mishaps during MR. (usually occurs about 3 times a year) Google it if you don't know what it is. Astrology thing, believe it if you wish. I may be flirting with disaster doing the project during this time period, but there's no way around it if I want to ship to folks before Xmas. Boldly I go, eyes cranked half shut hoping for the best!
The Cat Scratchin' book continues to delight. I've gotten some really sweet emails from folks who participated and love the book and their artwork. I look forward to spreading more joy in the coming months.
The next event will be a signing at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin Thursday, November 21st 5:30-7:30. A portion of sales will go to Austin Pets Alive and there may even be a few kitties representing them that night...hope so. Contact me or them if you have questions.
Ok, I was hoping that writing this would make the headache go away and it has not. Have a happy weekend whoever you are and whatever you do!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeling Kinda Krafty

I know I've not been true to the blog's been over a month since I've posted, but I've been a busy gal. Above you can see the little 2x2 inch scratchboard originals I've been making(these are just a few of the over 100 that I've made).They are pins, but also can be hung on a tree as an ornament (thanks Richard for the idea) or if you are especially creative you can put a jump ring on them and wear as a pendant.  These can also be mounted and framed if you're into the whole small art thing. I'll be selling these in Austin (San Marcos) November 29, 30, Dec 1st at the Eye of the Dog Home Show. If you live in the area and have never been, you need to go. This art center is an amazing place, hard to describe....just go.  I'll also be at Wally Workman Gallery November 21st from 5:30-7:30 signing Cat Scratchin' books. This event will give a portions of funds to Austin Pets Alive (two of the cats in the book came from that shelter) and it should be a fun night.
I'm also waiting to hear about a couple of December Gift shows, one here in Fayetteville, and the other in Tulsa. I haven't done many shows, they are a lot of work and sometimes not too much moola in return. We'll see. I'm feeling like the kid on the playground waiting to be picked for the volleyball/kickball whatever ball game. I hope they pick me. If they don't (please, pick me) many of these pins will be posted for sale in my etsy shop in October/November. There are birds, monkeys, chickens, dogs, cats and a snake or two. I even made a few of my favorite little house theme pins. They will retail for around $12.00. A bargain for a little original I tell me what you think.
I'm also waiting for the Cat Scratchin' books to be delivered to me. Sometime in the next week or so I hope. It seems like forever since I finished the drawings and edits and all the other stuff that goes into making a book.
The above are all Ampersand Stampbord that I turn into Scratchboard by inking with Sumi or Speedball Super black ink.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scratching Out A Living

These are little 2"x2" Ampersand Art Stampbords that I've turned into scratchboard using black Sumi ink. I packed a bunch of these into my suitcase before taking off for a 'vacation' in the Boston area. Really good friends needed a house/dog sitter and so they flew me out here (awesome!) to spend a week with Ruby (who one of many dogs in the Dog Scratchin' book) All I have to do is walk/feed/love on her and make sure the house stays intact. I'm staying an extra week to hang out and visit with them, such a bonus. I've been scratchin' away while watching my friend's most excellent collection of videos and TV shows...binge watching ho! I used to live in Boston so there's not that much that I haven't seen here--I'm just hunkered down in Revere, reading, scratchin' watching movies, walking the dog. It's a really nice getaway with no pressure to go anywhere or be anything. That's my idea of a perfect vacation.
I've got 28 of these laid out. I'll add color when I get back to the home studio.
Mostly what I've been doing is trying to figure out a better way to make a living doing what I love.  I used to love construction/plumbing and I made a pretty good living doing that. The past twelve years I've focused more on the art and while it has been extremely satisfying, the money part has always been a scramble with some years better than others. Last year was good, mostly because of the Dog Scratchin' book. I expect this year to be as good via the Cat Scratchin' book. Next year, there will be a new book, new art. And I hope to be doing it in a little Minnie Winnie or some other RV type vehicle. I'm ready to sell the house, release myself from some possessions and hit the road, while I can. I plan to keep a few home base cities, because, let's face it, I need a bank account and some kind of address. Plus there's the whole health care thing. I've got a good doctor and with the thyroid cancer history, I must be just a bit responsible. (and I need the damn meds)
Besides all that, I've got to make money, honey. These little 2"x2" original scratchboards will be made into pins or magnets or both. Fun little, inexpensive art pieces that I hope to sell at a few art shows and in my etsy shop. My friend here thinks more galleries is the answer. What do you think? I can't keep up with the two I'm in. What I've found is if you're not in the same city or area and don't make regular visits, your art isn't displayed or sold. So unless I can pop from one gallery to the next (and maybe I can once I get the RV) I must find a way to promote and market myself, which is something I really would rather not do. Oh damn it...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy To Say I'm Working Harder Than Ever!

These are just a few of the little tabletop sculptures I've been making to sell in my etsy shop, and at the Eye of the Dog Art Center Holiday Show in November, plus I just applied to The Little Craft Show here in Fayetteville. That one is in December and I sure hope I make the cut. They have a lot of folks applying and limited space for what I've heard is a fabulous show.
Big thanks to my pal Michelle M who bought two of the little birds from the etsy shop yesterday. It was a quick shot in the arm and bank account for me. I spent most of the day yesterday in the garage making lots of sawdust. Using up my pile of vintage wood makes me so happy. It's good, good therapy. It's a better day here in LindaLand.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Is The Cruelest Month

I've just come through what has been the darkest July I've ever had. (I'm sure there may have been darker times in my life, but this is the most recent, most painful one so let's leave it at that.) There wasn't any one thing that I can put my finger on and say, "This is it, that's what's causing all of this crap!"  No, just a general feeling of sadness, and failure, and even loss of faith in the path I'm on. Good god. Or maybe not good god. Art sales have been slow, and I haven't had any 'mailbox money' in a while. I'm not destitute yet, but have been feeling like something must change, and soon.  Last night I was even searching want ads to see if any jobs were out there for this 58 year old broke down woman contractor/artist without a college degree. Wah-- Poor me....right? Well, this morning I woke up and took a little ride on my bicycle and thought some things through. (it was a beautiful ride) I'm closer to having a plan of positive action now. I'm sure I'll keep all and any of you folks who read this blog posted, because I'm a sharing kind of gal. The last few months I had pretty much given up and had been feeling discouraged about my path. This is interesting because during that time I've also finished up the Cat Scratchin' book and sent it off to the designer, and had a successful little poster project fund on kickstarter. Go figure. None of that seemed to matter when I was feeling lowest. That's how it works I guess, the spiral down into that dimly lit cellar of hopelessness. Don't worry, I'm on my way back up now. I guess I had to fall down and get scuffed up a bit so I would figure out a different way to achieve the things I wish to do. Ultimately what I realized was that I could get a regular 'day job' (or two or three) and hate every minute of it, or do what it is I feel I'm meant to do and just love doing it, most of the time. I'm choosing love. It's going to be a little more work, but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. And I've been doing it for the past twelve years so why give up now?
The above photo is a fabulous mixed media sculpture (reflective traffic/construction materials etc...) hanging on the wall at the Hive restaurant at the 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas. I went there last week and had lunch with a good friend and then we went on to Crystal Bridges to see the Angels and Tomboys exhibit. The food was good. The exhibit was ok, I wish there would've been more Tomboys, but that's just me. I thought it was kind of a weak show. (Great classical paintings, but give me 20th and 21st Century art any day of the week and I'm happy.)
Ok, here's my message for today; Don't give up...just don't.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Slacking Off...Busy Making A Book

I just sent most of the files for the new Cat Scratchin' book off to the designer yesterday. Just have a few more tweaks to do, like writing the intro/acknowledgements, back blurb, and cat rescue directory. I wish I had a pretty picture to put up for you today, I'll do a little search and see if I can't rustle up one. Lately the only art I've been making is the cats, or misc folk art birds, dogs and cats. I'm trying to use everything up in the next 6 mos. or so. I still have my plan to be mobile, either in a drive around RV or pull-behind trailer. Stay tuned for that. It's my 'retirement plan', since I really don't have any other ideas or options. I own a home with partners and hope to be putting that on the market in 6 months. I'm restless as hell.
I've been thinking a lot lately about money, jobs, the rest of my life etc...I'm about to drop my health insurance in hopes of getting a better (cheaper) plan when they open up the exchange in October. I have been self-employed for over 20 years, and have always had insurance. The only time I didn't have any was my early years at art school when I was dirt poor, going full-time and working at a burger joint and any other job I could find. So I'm more than a little nervous. Although, if I hadn't had insurance when I had the whole thyroid cancer thing I think it might not have been as much money out of pocket for me. How does that make sense??? It doesn't. Anyhow, instead of spending $300.00 a month for crappy insurance I'll just pay for my prescriptions and hope for the best.  Blah, blah, blah, blah blah. I've been happier, and I will be again.
Here's a photo of "The Lucy's", two chickens I had in my urban backyard in Austin. Next book--Chickens! They were fun. Eggs everyday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Upcycle-ReUsed Vintage Lumber Folk Art Dogs And Cats

I've been in the process of tearing through a heap of vintage lumber that I moved three times in the last three years. The big pieces are becoming table tops and rolling work stations. I'm left with small scraps and I just hate throwing good wood away. Here you go--I'm in the process of building little dog and cat folk art gee-gaw statues. These are in the rough right now. I will throw some paint on them and embellish the eyes and such. Stay tuned, I'll put finished images up here. I work on these in my kitchen (on the counter) while watching episodes of whatever I can find on Nextflix and Hulu and Amazon. My favorite thing to do is to find a series so I can "binge-watch" while working on art or craft--go figure, it works for me.
I'm still working on the Cat Scratchin' book you can click here to jump over to that blog. I'm on schedule and happy.
I also have a small kickstarter project going to create posters from the Dog Scratchin' book. You can click here to see that.  I used some super cheap poster frames from the big box hobby store to show them off. Here's an image below to give you an idea of what they look like.
It's hot as hell, my ac is working overtime, my electric bill just came and it's almost double what it was last month. I'm remembering when I lived up on the mountain three years ago with no ac and only two windows that opened, during the summer! It was a good day when it was only 80 degrees in the house. How did I survive that??
Hey, have a day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Funding Art Projects and Other Stuff

The above are earlier works of mine using Ampersand Scratchbord and mixed-media. There is nothing wrong with them. In fact I'm pretty fond of where I've been and where I am now with my art journey. Putting together the Dog Scratchin' book, and now the Cat Scratchin' version has helped me to become better at my chosen trade.  Below is one of the dogs in the book that shows how much better I became as I drew one after another. Practice is good.
All this is to say, I'm running a project at kickstarter right now to create a limited series of posters using 80 of my drawings from the book. If you will please take a look and see if any or all of them interest you. I'm not asking for money for nothing (hey, that could be a song), I have a product to offer for a fee. And I think it's a pretty cool, fun, and lovely product. If you can think about art as part of the commerce stream (and we are) we are just as important as the plumbers who fix our toilets. Believe me, being a former contractor, I am coming at you from both sides of that world.So take a look here to see what it's all about. It will be up for 28 more days and it's already going well. Thanks. Buy art, fix your plumbing, and enjoy your world.
The first artwork shown above is available (size is 16"x24") the title is "Big Dog In The Backyard", and I'll make you a deal and a half. Contact me.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Dog Scratchin' Poster Project Is Funding

These are number 1 and 2 of the four total posters in the project. You can go here to see it. It will be up for 30 days. I wonder who will be the first to jump in?? Click on 'here' or down below. #dogs #dogscratchin

Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Sweet Dogs Commission

This is the work in progress from the previous post about "choices." You can see I've made quite a few, choices that is. There is some tweaking to finish, and a frame to build before I deliver it. My clients already approve and like it very much. I'll change the collar to red and make some other changes. This is a 16"x20" ampersand scratchboard with colored inks.  Lots of scratchin' going on there. In addition I've been scratchin' out cats left and right for the Cat Scratchin' book, and getting ready to launch a kickstarter project to create posters with the artwork from the Dog Scratchin' book.
Along with all of that, my truck which I love so much hit 200,000 miles last week. It came and went without the fanfare I had expected--no parade or confetti. I looked down and whoop there it went. Oh well. I personally put 160,000 of those miles on the truck in eight years of owning it.  I had always used 200,000 has a sort of milestone, although I can't remember what I thought would happen afterward. I'm in no hurry now, to sell or trade it in. I'm in no hurry to do anything right now. That is an unusual condition for me. I am always moving ahead, often quickly leaving folks in the dust. My movement forward has not always been in the 'right' direction, or should I say, sometimes in my haste I leap before I look. Like a cat though, I most often land on my feet. Or my ass, and then I have to pick myself up and dust off and try to make the best of it. Waiting and patience is not something I'm known for. But, here I am, waiting and studying to see what path is next for me. I will say I hope to be in a small travel trailer or rv type vehicle in the next year or so. Free of the responsibility of owning a house...and all the things that go with that. I can do what I'm doing, ie. the books the scratchboards, anywhere that there is a table to work on. I don't need stuff...There you have it. This time next week I hope to be raising some money to print dog posters. Don't worry, there will be plenty of notice about it.
 Until then, be happy. Really, that's it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today I'm thinking about choices. I hate to simplify things down to "this or that", but isn't that kind of what life is all about? Do I want this? Do I want that? Well, that's how my life works. I've been drawing cats in scratchboard for the kickstarter Cat Scratchin' book project for the last 3 months and I'm just about done with the 68 total cats. In the meantime I also have a few dog scratchboard commissions that I need to jump on. It gives a little break, a chance to head off in a different direction for a bit. I'll get to the above photos in a minute, I just thought I'd share a glimpse into the Linda-brain with y'all. Brace yourselves...I'm about to ramble on.
I woke up feeling isolated and alone, which is how most days are for me; usually this doesn't cause a problem for me, it just is my reality. Anyhow, I thought maybe I should push out of my comfort zone and go to a big outdoor street fair,  to have some human interaction and join in with the collective human-ness of such things. I drove slowly by and promptly decided it was too hot, too many people, and not much parking, so instead went to Wal-Mart. Please forgive me, judge if you must, it just seemed 'better' to me. Air conditioning, plenty of parking and a chance to maybe find some clothes and food. Not much human interaction though, and I didn't find clothes, but made some good food choices that will reward me later.  I've convinced myself that I'll try to stop by the street fair later in the day, early evening when it's cooler. We'll see if that happens. I'll report my experiences here if it does happen. I wouldn't hold my breath, at least not for too long if I were you. Ok, enough of that, the above photos are just to give you an idea of my working process. The commission is a 16"x20" Ampersand scratchboard drawing of two dogs together, with poppies and sunflowers. I'm excited to get going on this; it will be a heap of scratching. The owner sent photos of her dogs and I put them together in one place, I'm still working on the background concept, a pulled out of my head made-up environment. I finally bought a projector/enlarger to make my life easier. I basically start with a line drawing that I then transfer to the black scratchboard using white chalk rubbed on the back of the drawing. The big fun for me is then scratching away the black to white to create textures that resemble the dog or cat or flower, whatever it is I'm trying to render.  Nothing wrong with having good tools to make art folks.
I'm also working on an idea for a future kickstarter project to produce some full color posters of dogs and cats. More on that later.
In the meantime, be happy, make art!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On The Drawing Table

Sorry I've been missing in action for a bit. Working on the Cat Scratchin' book and other commission pieces has kept me at the table scratchin' away for days. In fact everyday is an art day for me. Not a bad thing, I'm happy. I've found that I post less here and more on Instagram so if you are interested in following me at the profile blueyemonkey, that would be super cool. In the meantime, the above is the current cat on the table. Got to get back on it. Have a day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Birds With No Place To Go

Well, the 'Flock Together' class at Eye Of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos TX didn't fill, so we cancelled it. It's just as well, because a dear friend is having a birthday on Monday and I wasn't too keen about missing it. Now, I can go celebrate with him. Lemons into lemonade and all.
I will however be headed to Austin later in the week to deliver a piece of artwork (below) to the Animal Trustees of Austin who will be throwing their big Petcasso shindig. I participated last year and had a ball.
Then it's back to NW Arkansas to continue drawing cat after cat after cat. I finished one this afternoon and started another tonight. My hand and arm are pretty tired from all the scratching. Soon I'll get into the groove and really start pumping them out. Right now there are around 60 cats to draw. Oh my, I'm a tired gal tonight. Time to clock out.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Folk Art Birds and Such

Please join me Sunday, April 7th for an all day fun-filled workshop making folk art birds in San Marcos, TX. Go here to find out more. Small fee, lunch included. Really great art center out in the beautiful Texas scrub-brush country south of Austin.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old Work/New Art

The above piece is old. I haven't lived in this place for over 3 years, and I haven't worked in this monochromatic style in at least 5 years. Yesterday, while thinking about a fund-raising piece for a local charity that works with at risk youth who has an annual event called 'Starry Starry Night' (a Van Gogh challenge of sort)-- I remembered this piece. I think I can plagarize myself and make a smaller version (12"x12") with more color to pay respect to the 'Bedroom' piece by Vincent. I'm feeling a bit excited about the prospect of getting a 'do-over' on a piece. And of course, the excitement of working through and making changes isn't bad either. All is good in my world. I've got another large piece (24"x24") on deck for completion for yet another charity auction. I believe I'm building up some great karma for future use.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Art For Love And Money

Ok, I'll make this quick. I am an artist, a professional at my craft. When someone recently, oh, like, maybe a city in Texas that shall remain un-named asked me to design a poster for a festival, for free, I didn't exactly jump at the project. But, being the good soul that I am, I thought about it for a minute and said, "sure, why not."  Good Exposure, right? Uh, yeah, right. Well, I made the design, even hand delivered (after I had sent a photo of it to make sure it was what they wanted). They then started back-pedaling on the whole deal after I dropped it off. At least they had the 'grace' to call me and say they wouldn't be using it because they couldn't line a up place to hold the unveiling and auction. (they auction off the artwork to help fund the festival...but not to give funds to the artist...I'm.not.commenting.on.that).
So, reportedly they are shipping it back to me. We'll see if that happens. Here's the good outcome from all of this. If I don't know you or support your 'cause' it will be so much easier for me to say, no, not interested. There are some very good folks who I will always donate a piece to, every year. But the above, might I say, a$$hats? Forget it, don't ask me, again, ever.
That being said, I'm headed back to the Fayetteville this week. To get started on the cat book drawings and do a 24"x24" dog drawing for 'Petcasso' the big fundraiser for Animal Trustees of Austin which takes place in April. Wah hoo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teaching Scratchboard In Texas

I've been in Central Texas now for a few days and while it's been great, today is a gray, grey day. (I never know which grey/gray to use) Some kind of front moving through, we're all waiting for the rain. I've already done three scratchboard workshops for Ampersand Art here. All have been very successful. Two of them were at a new venue for me, Casa De Linda in New Braunfels, TX. No, they didn't name it for me (although I like to think so), David and Linda are the owners. They've been in this location about two years. It's a sweet sanctuary and oasis for art, if you're in the area you should stop by and see them. I loved with working with them, and the folks who joined us both days. Here are a just few photos from the workshops.

A good time was had by all and everyone made some scratchboard art, and loved it. Very satisfying for me. One of my goals is to bring the masses into the scratchboard artists fold, one at a time, even if it takes my lifetime. It's instantly gratifying, therapeutic and good for you! What wrong with that? Not a thing. Keep your head up, make art!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scratchboard Demo At Jerry's Artarama Austin

Today I'll be at Jerry's Artarama in Austin, TX from noon to three with Ampersand Art scratchboards doing a little hands-on demo fun. If you've never used scratchboard, it's a quick, instantly gratifying art form. I taught a class in New Braunfels yesterday and had a great time with the folks there. There will be another class Tuesday from nine to noon at Casa De Linda on IH35 Business. You could squeeze in last minute.
 I've got to get through Austin traffic from South to North to get there. Today is the Austin Marathon so that should make for some interesting snarls.  Gotta love IH35 and Central Texas!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Early Morning Studio Time

This morning I'm juggling several things, here is a shot of the studio table and it's pretty messy. I'm making folk art birds at the kitchen countertop, scratchboard drawings at the above table, franken-furniture pieces in the workshop, and mixing in some visiting with Bowen the dog (below) at his home with good friends.
He's the cutest little guy, but being a puppy I found I couldn't get anything done with him doing what puppies do. So he's still a part of my pack, but we are all happier.
Oh yeah, still funding the Cat Scratchin book on kickstarter. It's almost to the end...soon I get to start gathering and drawing the cats. Go here to see the project. If you have a rescued cat, you may want to jump, uh, now....please.
I'll be in Austin next week starting a visit and teaching tour. Check out Casa De Linda in New Braunfels for a listing of classes, plus I'll be at Jerry's Artarama Austin Sunday the 17th doing a demo. Line up-sign up. Ok, that's all for now. Stay happy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making Things From Nothing

When things are slow with art--meaning sales, inspiration and such--I make things. This is a little blue stool. Made with some reclaimed redwood and one hundred year old long leaf pine flooring and some oops paint from Home Depot. I've moved these stacks of lumber about 5 times, now I'm working through the stack to get to a point of no-stacks-to-move-no-mo. The whole point for me is keeping this great lumber out of the landfill or burn pile, and to create something new with it. A way to give it purpose, or keep it 'alive.'  I can't explain why it is I do this, but I do identify with it closely. Feeling kind of old myself these days, like maybe I'm out of the loop and yet, not ready to go to the burn pile. I do everything I can to stay relevant and aware, tweeting and instagraming, facebooking etc...still, this world is geared to the young. (of which I am no longer) Oh jeez, I'm waxing poetic now, eh? Here's the deal--I believe in making something from nothing. The above is just an example. I'm fixin' to go out into the warm workshop (because it's in the upper 60's today for chripes sake) and make a lot of noise and sawdust.  Check previous posts for scratchboard workshop info. I'm goin' to Texas next month!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flock Together Folk Art Birds

It's Official...I'll be in San Marcos, Texas at Eye of the Dog Art Center,  April 7th teaching a class called "Flock Together". We'll be assembling folk art birds from various pieces parts. It's going to be a great, day- long class including a delicious lunch.  Click here to go to the page and sign up.  I hope we have a full house or flock. If you've never been to this art center, it's amazing. A sweet little gem out in the country south of Austin.
I've been using up pieces of scrap wood and misc stuff from yard sales and such. These are so much fun to make. If you are in the area, please join me!