Monday, November 18, 2013

Wally Workman Gallery Event--The Cat Scratchin' Book Signin'

I look forward to this coming Thursday night from 5:30-7:30 when I'll be at Wally Workman Gallery signing Cat Scratchin' books and hopefully making some money for Austin Pets Alive! who will get a percentage of sales. I want more than a few folks to come out.
Having the big art giveaway was such a great lesson in giving. I loved the excitement that was generated on facebook and am happy that shelters all over the country got donations based on my cleaning out the studio. I'm passing on the last of those pieces to the recipients  this week and hope to do it again soon. I don't regret any of those pieces handed out. I'm trying to hang onto less and less 'stuff'. Even the artworks that I loved so much while making are good to go soon.
On the road in a few days. It's been about eight months since my last journey and that's too damned long. Still working on the structure of the next book, which will be launched on kickstarter in January. Weekend after thanksgiving is the Eye of the Dog Art Center show, which is one of my favorites.
All is good in Linda-Land today. Hope all is good in yours as well.

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