Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let The Art Fly Out The Door.

The above, "Big Black-Bird" is available, for free, for the next 36 hours. It's early Linda scratchboard with acrylic work, 16"x20". If you want it, go to my facebook page Linda Sheets Art and first, like my page and then like this photo and say, "Hell yes, Linda, I want this!" If you don't want this piece you can still like my page, ya dig?You will pay for packaging and shipping, simple as that. I'm clearing out the old so I can continue to make new. The thing about this is it's a fun walk down the path leading to where I am today. This is from 2008 (I think) and while I'm so much better/different with my technique now, it does give me some perspective. Would I rather be selling art? Of course, and I am selling newer stuff. I'm just of the mind that either it should go to someone who will appreciate it or it must go to the dumpster. (I'm not going to be storing or carting these things around forever) So I'll be posting these free-bees until I run out of old work that needs a home. Mostly around noon, but don't hold me to that, because I might get a wild hair and put up two or three a day.
I love seeing these go out the door. A couple stopped by today to get the "Monkey Stack" and I'm glad they got it because they love it.  They were kind of shy about asking for it online...please, don't be shy, these are first come, first served and I really mean it.
And if you're worried about me getting rid of these, don't be. I love making the art, but when a piece is done, I'm done with it and would much rather have it be gone than just hanging around. That's how the process works for me.
The other request I have is, if you do take one of these pieces, please make a donation to your local animal shelter. Whatever amount you can give, and I don't need verification, we're on the honor system here.

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