Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making Things From Nothing

When things are slow with art--meaning sales, inspiration and such--I make things. This is a little blue stool. Made with some reclaimed redwood and one hundred year old long leaf pine flooring and some oops paint from Home Depot. I've moved these stacks of lumber about 5 times, now I'm working through the stack to get to a point of no-stacks-to-move-no-mo. The whole point for me is keeping this great lumber out of the landfill or burn pile, and to create something new with it. A way to give it purpose, or keep it 'alive.'  I can't explain why it is I do this, but I do identify with it closely. Feeling kind of old myself these days, like maybe I'm out of the loop and yet, not ready to go to the burn pile. I do everything I can to stay relevant and aware, tweeting and instagraming, facebooking etc...still, this world is geared to the young. (of which I am no longer) Oh jeez, I'm waxing poetic now, eh? Here's the deal--I believe in making something from nothing. The above is just an example. I'm fixin' to go out into the warm workshop (because it's in the upper 60's today for chripes sake) and make a lot of noise and sawdust.  Check previous posts for scratchboard workshop info. I'm goin' to Texas next month!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flock Together Folk Art Birds

It's Official...I'll be in San Marcos, Texas at Eye of the Dog Art Center,  April 7th teaching a class called "Flock Together". We'll be assembling folk art birds from various pieces parts. It's going to be a great, day- long class including a delicious lunch.  Click here to go to the page and sign up.  I hope we have a full house or flock. If you've never been to this art center, it's amazing. A sweet little gem out in the country south of Austin.
I've been using up pieces of scrap wood and misc stuff from yard sales and such. These are so much fun to make. If you are in the area, please join me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scratchboard Demos And Kickstarter Project

Here's the February schedule of scratchboard drawing classes and demos: We'll be drawing dogs, monkeys, and flowers on Saturday Feb. 16th 9am-12 Casa De Linda New Braunfels, TX. / Sunday Feb. 13th 12-3pm Jerry's Artarama Austin, TX./ Tuesday Feb. 19th 9am-12 and 1-4pm Casa De Linda New Braunfels, TX. There is a small fee and pre-registration required at Casa De Linda. Jerry's Artarama is on N. IH 35 and is free but space is limited.
I'll also be giving a class at the Pavilion in Austin on the 22nd for residents and the 27th for Rockwall Middle School systems Teachers.  All in all a busy Feb for me. I continue to raise funds at the Cat Scratchin' book project on kickstarter. Funding ends on Feb 13th and I'll be on the road driving to Austin so won't be checking the $$ amount too often, or worrying about whether or not it will fund. Here's how kickstarter works, if I don't raise the amount I need I get none of the money and the project doesn't go forward. So if you are thinking about being a part of the book and have not picked a pledge level, please do so pretty soon. 24 days left to raise $7800.00.
I continue to learn about having a new puppy in my life. One week in we are making adjustments to each other.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cats Baby Cats!

Well, the kickstarter Cat Scratchin' book project is in full swing! In 24 hours it is now at $901.00 which is amazing! But We've got a long way to go to hit that $7800.00 mark by Feb 13th. Here is the link please go and check it out. If you can't participate, that's fine, just give me a facebook like though if you will. And share the project with your friends who love cats. The above photo is a cat that belongs to a friend, Ginger likes to drink out of the watering can. The drawing is an earlier Ampersand scratchboard...old style Linda folk art. Still, fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh Holy Crap.

I'm in pre-kickstarter launch hell. And blog hell. Mostly because the computer (either due to program glitches or operator glitchiness...uh, that would be me) is not behaving the way it should. (or how I want it to, damn it) Here is a photo of one of my collage pieces from my Picasa web album...that I didn't even know I had. But it was an option and I needed to vent here, and I always think it's nice to have something to look at while I'm fussing and fuming, so there you go. It's grey skies and gloominess here in Arky. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm off to Hobbis Lobbis to buy some E-6000 glue and a sketch book so I can at least make some kind of crappy Mc crap crap art.  Dang, I think I need a dose of happiness. Sorry, here goes...Hey, have a great night!