Monday, February 25, 2013

Art For Love And Money

Ok, I'll make this quick. I am an artist, a professional at my craft. When someone recently, oh, like, maybe a city in Texas that shall remain un-named asked me to design a poster for a festival, for free, I didn't exactly jump at the project. But, being the good soul that I am, I thought about it for a minute and said, "sure, why not."  Good Exposure, right? Uh, yeah, right. Well, I made the design, even hand delivered (after I had sent a photo of it to make sure it was what they wanted). They then started back-pedaling on the whole deal after I dropped it off. At least they had the 'grace' to call me and say they wouldn't be using it because they couldn't line a up place to hold the unveiling and auction. (they auction off the artwork to help fund the festival...but not to give funds to the artist...I'm.not.commenting.on.that).
So, reportedly they are shipping it back to me. We'll see if that happens. Here's the good outcome from all of this. If I don't know you or support your 'cause' it will be so much easier for me to say, no, not interested. There are some very good folks who I will always donate a piece to, every year. But the above, might I say, a$$hats? Forget it, don't ask me, again, ever.
That being said, I'm headed back to the Fayetteville this week. To get started on the cat book drawings and do a 24"x24" dog drawing for 'Petcasso' the big fundraiser for Animal Trustees of Austin which takes place in April. Wah hoo!

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