Friday, February 8, 2013

Early Morning Studio Time

This morning I'm juggling several things, here is a shot of the studio table and it's pretty messy. I'm making folk art birds at the kitchen countertop, scratchboard drawings at the above table, franken-furniture pieces in the workshop, and mixing in some visiting with Bowen the dog (below) at his home with good friends.
He's the cutest little guy, but being a puppy I found I couldn't get anything done with him doing what puppies do. So he's still a part of my pack, but we are all happier.
Oh yeah, still funding the Cat Scratchin book on kickstarter. It's almost to the end...soon I get to start gathering and drawing the cats. Go here to see the project. If you have a rescued cat, you may want to jump, uh, now....please.
I'll be in Austin next week starting a visit and teaching tour. Check out Casa De Linda in New Braunfels for a listing of classes, plus I'll be at Jerry's Artarama Austin Sunday the 17th doing a demo. Line up-sign up. Ok, that's all for now. Stay happy.

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