Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kickstarter Cat Poster Funded!

Well, the short funding period came and went and I raised the money to make a small, limited edition of posters of all of the cats from the Cat Scratchin' book. Whew. I'm happy. Oddly enough (or maybe not odd at all) the Dog Scratchin' posters raised more money (double what I was asking for) I don't know what to think of that, although I do know from experience that most cat people want a portrait that looks exactly like their cat(or as close to exact as I can do). Dog people are usually more open to variation of design. I've sold more dog portraits that only slightly resemble their dogs. Curious.

The photos here are of my latest projects that I'm making for craft/art shows. Plus I'm working out the displays for said shows.  These are Linda's Little Originals. They are 2"x3" Ampersand Art Scratchboards.  Most are just ornaments with a loop for a tree hanger, but some are both ornaments and pins that can be worn. I'm churning these out like mad. I've also picked up some commissions that need to be done before the holidays...the Littles can be done for $15.00 + shipping, let me know if you are interested....soon! I'm fast, but I'm getting booked up.
I'll be in Austin, TX Thursday November 21st 5:30-7:30 at Wally Workman Gallery signing and selling books and art. This event will give a portion of sales to Austin Pets Alive which is one of my favorite shelters. Save the date and if you are able to attend, I hope to see you there.
I will also be out in San Marcos, TX at The Eye of the Dog Art Center Home Show November 29th, 30th and Dec. 1st.

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