Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Xmas-Ho-Ho-Ho

Made it through the cold winter weather here. The Little Craft Show was fun, although not super well attended because of the ice and snow. The folks who came were sweet and enthusiastic and I even picked up a few commissions because of it. Now I'm finishing up the last of the last drawings for others..spent some time waiting in line at the Post Office to ship done dog art. Here are a few of the drawings that I've done that I can share because the owner has already received and opened their gift. This is part of the reason why I do this: the dog recently passed on and the owner is deeply moved by the drawings; this makes me so happy.

I also finished and shipped a piece to a long-lost friend who is ill and after receiving it and giving to her partner told me, "getting a piece of your art was on my bucket list." I'm so glad I was able to make that happen.
This all makes me think about how fragile and dear this life is. One minute you're there, and then the switch turns off, and you're not. Making this art, making folks happy with it--that's what it's all about for me. I really don't need much, or want much....just let me make this art for as long as I can.
Happy Holidays people. It's not about the presents, or the big whoop-la,  I really don't even believe it's about whatever religion you follow, it's about being kind to one another. If you can't do that, if your 'beliefs' cause you to be unkind to people, well damn, I feel sorry for you. Try this; try believing there is nothing after you die. This is it, make the most of it while you can, and try to not be an asshole. If you do get some great 'reward' after, that's just icing on the cake. 
Now don't get your "panties in a wad" and enjoy your life!


Maywyn Studio said...

Great post!
Thank you for the laugh and smile
Merry Holidays to you and yours

Linda Sheets said...

Thanks Maywyn Studio! Same to you!