Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Little Dog Scratchboard Art

This scratchboard is huge!  2 ft.x3 ft.  I've been scratching for days on this.  Plus it was harder because it was originally a white Ampersand Art Claybord that I inked myself with Speedball India Ink.  The ink on the surface is important as some of them make kind of a hard 'shell' on top of the clay surface.  Unfortunately this was the case so I had to sharpen my tools again and again.  And my hand is aching from all the tough scratching.  Sufferin' for my art! I really prefer using the pre-inked boards.
 I based this on a photo of Loca the little chihuahua.  My friend Joslyn Baker took the photo (she's a fabulous photographer, check her out) and with her permission I translated it into my style.  The original had Loca looking the other way,  I reversed it and then added the text on the left.  It's from an old 'Story A Day' book that I picked up at an estate sale.  It's old enough (early 20's) that it had some really offensive racial stuff in it.  Don't worry, I did edit it.  Hard to believe they could do that with a dog story. And for children.  Come on people!
 I mixed it up a bit too.  Working title is "Really Big Little Dog"  or "The Adventures Of A Really Big Little Dog".  It's not finished,  but has to be done by Monday so I best get going.

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