Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting out of that Stuck in a rut Place

Today I felt pretty cranky. I was finishing up some fix-it work at my rental house rather than making art. Must admit I'd rather be in my studio making something than anything else. But duty calls and I just had to get this done. So lately I've felt just a bit stuck with my art. Could have something to do with the repair work lately which has pulled me away from art. Or could just be I'm stuck...So I scratched this 'Man in suit' scratchboard out the other night. A departure from my usual monkeys and birds. Felt good. It's based on a vintage snapshot from my pile. Don't know who he is...it doesn't matter. Looks a lot like the artist Lisa Brawn's work. I just recently discovered her (thanks to a friend who sent a link to her website)www.expeditionism.com/

That's really all I have right now. Tomorrow is a plumbing job...practical nature taking over right now...bills must be paid!

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