Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making Art with Hearts

Rachel of Wally Workman Gallery contacted me the other day and said folks had been calling and looking for lower priced art with a 'heart' or Valentines Day theme. So, being the practical gal I am I stepped up to the plate and threw together a few heart scratch boards. Fun stuff for me. Especially the 'Monkey dreaming of love'. I crack myself up sometimes! Now is this serious art? Is this fine art you would find in the History of Art books? Frankly I don't care. What I have discovered is I am much happier just making what ever it is I'm making at the time. Once I start thinking too hard or analyzing and critiquing I just lose the fun of it all. So, I stopped doing that, for the most part. Maybe you agree, maybe not. The bottom line is, I want to sell art. So I'm making what sells and loving it at the same time. I hope others love it of course, but some things are out of my control. So I have to love what I'm doing and leave it at that. Bliss, pure bliss! These two images are: 'Monkey Dreaming of Love' and 'Big Hearted Black Bird'. Hope you enjoy, and I always read and appreciate feedback!


Julie Williams said...

These are great! I think your enjoyment of the process illuminates your artwork. This technique is really interesting. I went to your website (love your collages and assemblages and furniture, too) and read what you wrote about it. Do you cover the entire piece with the black (was it ink?) and then scratch the design in? I guess you'd have to. What kind of ink and scratching implements do you use? Happy art-making, Julie

Linda Sheets said...

Thanks Julie! I use Ampersand Black Clayboard almost exclusively. I experimented with a few different paper products but the prepared board (masonite with caolin clay and india ink) is the best. I use a scratch tool that Ampersand makes(and they have several tips, I use only the triangular one), but I know folks who use a exacto knife or other sharp objects. It's pretty instant gratification and also a bit risky because mistakes are not easily fixed...I love that you are a poet and author. Can I access your writing work through your blog? Forgive me if I overlooked it, as I am new to this whole thing. Thanks again!