Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scratchboard drawings for the slow economy

The Wally Workman Gallery is having a group show called 'A Grand Affair' this month. I've contributed 12 5x7 scratchboards priced at $100.00 each. The show features artwork under a thousand dollars, by most of the gallery artists. I think I've sold about 8 of the 12, 5 the first night. So, not bad for a down economy. Of course I'm barely making cost on these but what matters is I get to make and sell art! Life is good here. I'm going to be doing a demo at Jerry's Artarma in March. Scratchboard of course. I think it will be fun and maybe I will 'convert' some folks to this medium I love so much. Here are some of my pieces...


Fran said...

Hi Linda,

I featured you today on my art blog. Hope you like it.


Beverly Kaye said...

I love your dog and your rooster, and am delighted to welcome you as a follower! The scratchboard materials you use are great and I intend to purchase some for my grandkids. Your work is very appealing. What fun!