Friday, March 25, 2011

Scratchboard Owl

Been working on some new designs. A girl can't do the Dog and Monkey show every day...can she? I used my favorite medium, Ampersand Art scratchboard with a variety of inks and tools.
It's a 5"x7" available for purchase at $100.00 framed. This guy looks a bit angry. I've done several variations and just moving the location of the eyes changes the mood...will post others in the next few days.
I've been revisiting my past profession of construction. I bought a house with two business partners and we've been tearing out walls, fixing termite damage and the latest as of yesterday, total gutting of the bathroom. I've been pushing and pushing to finish as soon as we can so I can get back to making art. My body hurts, my soul is hurting more. I find I have to just put on the blinders, ignore my body and soul, and keep moving forward to get through this. I know how to do it, did for 30 years, but do I want to do it much longer is the question. The ultimate goal is for me to live there, moving in sometime in May. Wish me luck! At least today I can start later than 8:00am.

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