Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue-Eyed Yella Dog Scratchboard

I just love this blue-eyed yella dog! It's a 11"x14" Ampersand Art scratchboard with Clayboard inks. Based on a photo of one of my favorite dog friends, Ruby. She's a more reddish color and doesn't have blue eyes, but hey, using my artist license folks...I've shipped this off to Ampersand to be included in the booth design for the Namta conference in Phoenix AZ coming up in April. I'm flying out with the company to do some demos and work the booth. Exciting! Fun! My birthday is coming up this Friday. Going for some R&R with my sweetheart Thursday thru Sunday. I need it. I've been hitting it hard at the house remodel. Was hanging sheetrock most of the day yesterday. Banging around under the house the day before. My hands and body are aching. I guess I'm either out of shape (which is probably true) or getting too damned old (more truth) for this kind of work. Glad I do scratchboard and collage rather than large scale stone carving or other extreme physical art. I'm happy to be alive, living where I'm living, doing what I'm doing, filled with love.

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