Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Little Bluebird

Well, I know this little bluebird may not appear to be happy, but it is...really! Mostly because it sold this past Thursday night at the Fayetteville Underground! I'm happy it's going on someone else's wall. I have very little attachment to my work after it is done, framed and hung. I'm on to the next just as quickly as I can go. This is small, 3"x5" Ampersand Art scratchboard with ink for the color. I'm working on some videos to post online for future scratchboard instruction purposes, will keep you posted on that. (look at me, I'm imagining that someone reads these posts!) And today the proposal for the 5"x7" kits goes out to retailers. Here's hoping something really good comes of it for all us all. Meanwhile, I just keep scratching and scratching...
I scratched out a different version of this (yellow and turned to the right) to fill the space on the wall in the gallery.

1 comment:

susan kirchman said...

yes .... people read it!
all my daughters friends in Rochester MN are waiting for your kits to hit the market.
I will let you know when i get back to the gallery and get your page up on the gallery artists page.