Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Scratchboard Owl

This is another of the 5"x7" scratchboard owls. I had a lot of fun scratching this out, went pretty quickly. It's the usual, Ampersand Art scratchboard product with inks (some Clayboard inks, some Liquitex Acrylic ink) I like brushing the ink on and then carefully pulling it off with a paper towel as you can see in the wings and the eyes.
Spent the last week remodeling a house. Got a few moments in the studio to frame some large pieces, those will be shipped to Austin to Ampersand offices to be a part of the conference I'm going to in Phoenix in April. More about that later. I'm up to 30 followers, whoo hoo, makes me happy. Now, what would make me even happier is to have more comments from all y'all. Talk to me people!

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