Monday, November 17, 2008

Relevance and Age

What I'm thinking these days is Relevance, Relevance, Relevance. I'm in my 50's, and for the first time, the President Elect is younger than I am. I'm getting older and see that so much is geared toward the younger generation. As it should be in many ways, and yet, I feel I still have things to offer. So my question to myself today is, 'What is it I am offering? And how can I keep contributing to the world and remain relevant and open to the new? And how can I make that contribution worthwhile and not just keep on consuming more and more. And with this blog, do I have something to say or am I just going to fill space?
Here's a passage from a collection of short stories I'm reading:

"It's starting to look as if the most shameful tradition of Western civilization is our need to deny we are animals. In just a few centuries of setting ourselves apart as landlords of the Garden of Eden, exempt from the natural order and entitled to hold dominion, we have managed to behave like so-called animals anyway, and on top of it to wreck most of what took three billion years to assemble. Air, water, earth, and fire-so much of our own element so vastly contaminated, we endanger our own future. Apparently we never owned the place after all."
-Barbara Kingsolver- High Tide in Tucson

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Susan Carlin said...

We have so much to talk about!