Sunday, September 27, 2009

Comma Monkey

Another of my older goofy scratchboard monkeys. This is a 16"x20" Ampersand Art scratchboard. Second of the "Comma Monkey" series. I like this, and yet, now that I'm adding color to them, it looks plain or like it's missing something. Hard to believe a few years ago I was afraid of, and almost phobic about putting color on these. Now, give me a good red and I'm 'tarting' them up!
Went for a nice paddle in my kayak with friends this morning. Good to be on the water, although it was extremely dirty and full of floating soda bottles and so forth. Every time it rains here in Austin all y'alls crap gets washed down into Lady Bird Lake. Pick it up folks! What's the matter with people...

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