Friday, March 12, 2010

Hobby Horse

I did this 'hobby horse' scratchboard about a million years ago. I can hardly remember it...except that I was not really very happy with the finished product. In spite of that, it did sell. It is so odd for me now to look at these older pieces. No color and really an simple work, not polished at all. Yeah, right, like all of the more recent dog & monkey pieces are 'polished'. Ok. It's good to have if only to see how I have changed and grown as an artist. I'm out of town right now. Have settled into a booth at a bakery with free wi-fi and so am 'connected' while being disconnected from the folks around me. Strange indeed. Check out Eye of the Dog Art Center and sign up for some classes. Especially my upcoming Scratchboard and Collage class April 11th. This piece is an Ampersand Art scratchboard, my favorite.

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