Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healing Heart Learning to Let Go

This medium size found object assemblage is at Dahlia Woods Gallery in Dallas. http://www.dahliawoodsgallery.com/ The origin of it is that I had somehow ended up with a corner desk that belonged to my ex lover. She had it when she was growing up and for some reason didn't want it any more when we split up. I kept it around thinking that I could always used the drawers and lumber for something else...art, furniture etc...When I ran out of room in the garage I finally put it outside and watched it deteriorate in the weather. Kind of like how our relationship went. When I couldn't stand it anymore I kicked it apart and realized what its real purpose would be. One drawer became an assemblage piece called 'Bird Outside My Window'. Regretfully I did not get a chance to get a photo before it sold. The other drawer became this piece, 'Healing Heart Learning to Let Go'. It went through many incarnations before I finally settled on this one. I know it's not scratchboard, but this is my other passion. Well, ok, besides collage houses...

I'm hovering on the edge of change in my work. I've got a few more 5X7's to frame and take to Wally Workman Gallery www.wallyworkmangallery.com because they are still selling. But I am feeling a need for a change.

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