Friday, October 16, 2009

Ampersand Art Scratchboard Demos Boston/Cambridge

Thought I'd share a few photos from the most recent Ampersand Art Scratchboard demos. I was in Boston last week so I did one at the Cambridge Utrecht and then the Boston Utrecht. The back story about all this is that about 6-7 years ago I was in Cambridge visiting friends and we stopped at the Utrecht just to shop around. I picked up a couple of free samples of Black Clayboard (as it was known at the time) took it back to my friends house and scratched out a couple of snake designs with a pocket knife. And I fell totally in love with it. Those sweet little boards are now in the collection of Wally Workman's son Paul who is one of my biggest collectors. And now I am traveling around doing demonstrations for the company that makes it. Success in such a great way. And really, this propelled me on to revisiting art as a career choice, as a major life changing choice in fact.

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