Monday, December 14, 2009

Playing with Corel Paint

I've started to play around with my Corel Paint software.  This is a vintage photo from an album I bought in El Paso a few years ago.  I know it was taken in the early 1900's and this gal is out in the middle of nowhere with this great coat.  I love the tilt of her head and the straight on into the camera look.  I have no idea who she is unfortunately.  I've done a scratchdrawing of her based on this photo.  And this is just me learning to use the Wacom tablet and software.  I'm needing a change of direction art wise.  I will of course continue with the scratchboard and assemblage, but you know how it is....time to shift for awhile.  I'm still at Blue Genie Art Bazaar until Xmas eve .  Group show at Wally Workman in Austin  and Dahlia Woods Gallery in Dallas


Anonymous said...

Linda, this is beautiful!-- jp

tina said...

fun, fun, fun ... it still has a quality, a sensibility of your scratchboards. good fun, toots!