Wednesday, February 17, 2010

King of All Dogs

This is an older, sold scratchboard of mine. It is a Ampersand product, 16"x20" ( Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting information about the company and my favorite medium, scratchboard, to the Austin Fiber Artists. What a great group of folks. They had many of their projects there and I am thinking there may be some sort of fiber incorporated in future pieces of mine. Outstanding! I can't wait to see what they may come up with (and what I may come up with as a result of what I saw there). I will be teaching an all day class on scratchboard and collage at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos Texas on Sunday, April 11th. It is very affordable, includes lunch, sample materials, and is in one of the most dynamic and fun art centers I've ever been to. The owners are both amazing artists and it is an unforgettable experience. Google it and sign up folks, if not for my class for another of the variety of classes offered. I'm also giving a free scratchboard demo at Jerry's Artarama here in Austin, Sat. Feb. 27th from 12-3pm. I love watching folks discover how much fun this is!

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