Friday, July 22, 2011

Airstream Trailer Scratchboards

So I had an assignment from some friends to produce a scratchboard for a trailer rally raffle price.  What could I do?  Look through my stock of monkeys, dogs, birds, etc... or create a new design?  You know what I did!  I developed the basic trailer shape, and then embellished in different ways.  Fun stuff.  And a nice break from the larger monkey and dogs that I'm doing for my September show at the Fayetteville Underground.  KJ if you recognize the trailer,  it's yours, or at least it's based on your facebook photo.  I of course modified it to make it mine.  Working on developing the scratchboard kits for Ampersand Art has changed the way I approach and execute my work.  Make the design, trace it onto the board and go to town on it!  I used to think I had to freehand everything or it wasn't art.  How silly!   I now have a pattern and I can make a million different versions of this.  Is that wrong?  Is it not art, now that I can reproduce again and again?  Still feels like art.  Still has the touch of my hand on it, and I am not a machine so each one has variation.  The ladybug version and the reverse ladybug (#1&2) version are sold.  I can make a different version for you if you like.  Just drop me a line or check out my etsy shop at the link.  I'll be listing some of these soon.  May even make some magnets from these designs.  All good here.  My voice is returning slowly.  I am still cancer free.  Happy.

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