Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Monkey with Gorilla

Ok, I know this is a gorilla which is really an Ape and not a monkey. But kind of the same in my mind...(and it's a tangled web in there so just stay with me on this!) I took this photo at the zoo in Albq. New Mexico last year. Loved this big guy (at least I think it was a guy...) Looked like he was irritated with the stupid humans, but he reluctantly put up with all of us. Yesterday was full of friends and pulling cover onto greenhouse. Big watermelon and discovering that the 'gang of 4' free range chickens had finally started to lay eggs. Cindy and I both heard the unmistakable sound of laying at the same time...and then we looked for them! Had a few of them for breakfast this morning. And in spite of what it says up top...Today is Sunday August 23rd.

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