Monday, August 31, 2009

Fact or Fiction? Monkey Science

Small collage (3.5"x5") on some leftover MDF (medium density fiberboard) baseboard. Vintage 40's magazine illustration with some mad science monkey business going on! Note: I am doing a Free 3 hour Scratchboard demo this coming Saturday Sept. 5th at Jerry's Artarama on N. I35 here in Austin Texas. Ampersand Art company, who make the scratchboard I love, is located right here in Austin, and they make great products for artists. Come on out anytime between noon and 3pm. I've got samples and don't have to be a fine artist to make scratches on a board. Anyone, any age can do this...dig it? Email or call Jerry's with questions, ok?
A friend and I were talking today and she suggested monkey cowboys...or maybe cowboy monkeys. Funny thought...we'll see how that cooks in my brain and what comes out of the oven.
I am also fixin' ta teach a class on scratchboard at Eye of the Dog Art Center in beautiful San Marcos Texas. Check out their website for details. Sign up now, the class is Saturday Sept 26th and should be loads of fun. I absolutely love Billy Ray and Beverly who own/operate this art heaven! If you have never been there you need to make the journey.

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