Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 Monkeys

This 18"x24" Ampersand Art scratchboard is on it's way to Wally Workman Gallery in Austin. They are having a group show in July and these '3 Monkeys In A Boat (Without A Paddle)' will be hanging there. I love this piece. Usually when I'm done with a board, I'm done....on to the next one. This one was so enjoyable every step of the way, it's a little hard to see it go. It's great when it happens that way. I hope the public looking at this reads and feels the joy. That's what it's all about for me. If I'm happy making art, I want you to be happy looking at it. I have my share of dark feelings and dark art, believe me. I could fill a couple of galleries with that. The point is though, I'd rather express the goodness. It's a glass half (or 3/4) full kind of view. Why not? Life is so freaking short and hard, might as well make it long and good too. It's odd, this piece is both comical and dark. Being on the rough water in a boat with no paddle, not a good situation. But, somehow it is also dear and amusing. This piece took more time than most of them do, I was scratching day and night. It's priced at $700.00 framed and ready to hang on your wall. I'm off to work in my studio at the Fayetteville Underground! Cheers!

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