Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scratchboard Dog Kits Coming to a Store Near you Soon!

Well, here I go again...time to toot my horn a bit more! This is another one of the designs I licensed with Ampersand Art for a new series of Scratchbord Kits. This is 'Bertie Dog' and the kit contains a 5"x7" board, a tool, a pattern to trace and my instructions for making this yourself! Really, you can do this! This make great gifts to all ages, although kids under 13 or so should be supervised because the tool is sharp. They are not in the stores yet, but soon, darlin', soon! I can't wait to walk into a store and look at them on the shelf. I also hope to be doing a lot of workshops and classes at some of the stores to help folks discover how much fun this medium is.

I'll keep y'all posted here and on facebook for those, friend me or follow me here to stay informed.

The cool thing about these kits is; you can follow my instructions and pattern exactly and have great results, or, you can throw in your own ideas to the mix and get equally good results. Changes such as, adding color to the white of the dog...make it blue, green, yellow, what the heck! Instead of a crown you can pop a little red fez on top of the head. Or maybe have a big white bone shape floating up above! See what I mean? This is not your mother or father's 'paint by numbers' project. One of the things I love about these kits is they are a really affordable introduction to scratchboard, once you get hooked, the possibilities are endless!

I'm so excited about this I can hardly contain myself. Stay tuned...There will be 6 different designs available, Monkeys, Dogs and Still Life.

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tina riedel said...

How fun to see it packaged!!!!! This is so very cool!