Wednesday, December 5, 2012

East Prospect Event Fayetteville

This time tomorrow I'll be fixin' ta set up at Megan Chapman's house for a two day Holiday Sale event. You can read more about it here...  I'll be with a bunch of fine art/artists, it's sure to be a sweet time!  I'll have Dog Scratchin' books, my fine art magnets and just a few of the vintage reclaimed wood "totes" I've been making. If you're in the area I hope you'll make it by either Thursday or Saturday.  After that? Don't know. The Holidays are just about here, I'm working on commissions (which better be done and shipped soon,) so I'll hunker down and continue to work on the Cat Scratchin' project video for the January kickstarter launch.
The Nov. events at Wally Workman Gallery and Eye of the Dog Art Center were very successful. I was happy to get in some good visits in Texas as well. I'll be back in TX in Feb. to teach some scratchbord classes...stay tuned.

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