Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Past Is Past

Just a few early pictures of me with Santa.  At W&D's Department Store in No. Indiana. My mother really went crazy with the pink sponge curlers on me (I can remember trying to sleep in those damned things)...this was during the Shirley Temple years. As in, she had a desire for me to BE Shirley Temple. I have the tap shoes to prove it. These are the only Santa and Me photos I have. They stop in 1962 when I was 7. I don't know if I got too old to sit on his lap, if I stopped believing in him, or if those photos are still buried somewhere in my mother's house. The thing is, she saved everything...and the problem is, she saved EVERYTHING.  I have lots of artwork from elementary school that she archived. It seems I was very prolific even then. And as you can imagine, not very good. But still, I remember saying that I wanted to be a freelance artist, even though I'm sure I didn't really know what that was. Well, that and a plumber, both of which I have been and am.
I'm working on building the Cat Scratchin' kickstarter project, with the launch planned in January. It's all good, even though I'm going through a very restless time. Happy Happy, and Merry Merry y'all.

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