Monday, October 17, 2011

Toonces The Scratchboard Cat

Finished this little guy and sent if off.  It was a commission for a friend in Austin who is giving it to her father this month for his birthday.  Toonces was his favorite cat and, if I have the story right, died sometime in the past year.  I'm always happy to take on a commission, especially if the dog/cat was/is a beloved family pet.  It is a small 3"x5" Ampersand Art Supply scratchbord unframed.  I used a bit of ink for the eyes, ears, and tag. While doing it I kept humming, 'Toonces, the driving cat.' Old Saturday Night Live skit...In the old, old days folks!
Tomorrow I will be giving 4 scratchbord workshops for the VA at the Fayetteville Underground.  Total of about 100 folks. What fun!  I love teaching scratchbord...hope to be doing quite a bit of it this coming year.  Stay tuned.  And let me know if you need/want a scratchboard done of your pet.

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