Monday, October 3, 2011

New Mixed Media Collage

Just finished this 8"x10" mixed-media collage last night.  Dang, I have fun with these!  The images are from my collection of 1940's magazines.  Title is "Niblets".  It's framed in a black floater type frame and ready to sell. Mounted on gessoed 1/4" MDF.  Special online price for the next two weeks,  is $150.00.  Usual cost for an 8"x10 from my studio is $250.00 so that's 100 bucks off folks.  I'll be putting this up on etsy tomorrow, same price for two weeks.  Sale ends midnight Oct. 17th. So line up and sign up and buy now, save $$
I know, I know, you think, geez, this is just a bunch of scraps of paper glued together.  Yeah, well, I went through the magazines, picking out images, cut the boards, gessoed them, glued everything together and then put a nice uv protected finish on it and framed it. You know what I'm saying? This is bonafide work.,  I'm tired just talking about it now.
 I hope y'all enjoy my fun cut paper activities.  Hey, have a day out there!

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