Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Artists Of The Fayetteville Underground Are NOT Folding!

Please go here to see how to help.
I was reminded last night, at a really sweet party held for the Fayetteville Underground artists, what a great bunch of folks I get to work with.  Today there was a misleading article in the North West Arkansas Times saying that we are folding...Correction:  The board of this organization, who are unable to raise enough funds to fight their way out of a paper bag, are dissolving the organization at the end of the year.  In spite of our best efforts to take over the organization and thus preserving our momentum and enabling us to receive possible funding from the Warhol Foundation grant that we applied for, they decided on a "Clean Break".
Just so you know, There are two more 1st Thursday events (November and December) and shows at the current location until the very last day of December.  AND THEN:  a metamorphosis, or evolution (maybe even a REVOLUTION!)  The artists, who worked very hard to keep things humming at the galleries all along, are going to create something even better than before.  Stay with us, follow us, help us keep the creative economy going in North West Arkansas,  We Need All Y'all To Step Up And Help!

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jart said...

So glad to hear this! keep me posted.