Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book and Art Debut at Anne Kittrell Gallery

The day is finally here. I've got boxes of books, the art is on the wall, and I'm fixin' ta get myself prepared to meet and greet folks tonight. The reception starts at 6pm. I hope the gallery is packed. I promise I won't panic and bolt from the room. My friend Megan Chapman (a brilliant artist) will be helping me with the book sales so I don't have to focus on that while I'm talking about the book and signing. Thanks Megan!
I need to forget all of my fears and just be happy with what I've done with my life in the last 10 months. Sometimes I forget how to do that. This sweet little creature above looks like how I feel right now. Her name is Monica. She's in the book, along with her story. She died recently, from breast cancer. Her people (John and Richard) who rescued her, say that she was a puppy mill dog that might have been thrown into the river if not for their taking her in. You all know how I feel about puppy mills and the people who operate them. I don't believe in using animals as products or "currency" to be used up and thrown away. I'm hoping to sell a lot of books tonight so I can give two large checks to a couple of local rescue groups. 20% of the proceeds tonight will be split between the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and For Pets' Sake (a Springdale Ar group who do great work).  So come out tonight if you can. Stay tuned. I'll be in Austin, TX next month on the 13th at Wally Workman Gallery for an event.
And thank you all!

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