Monday, January 17, 2011

Scratchboard or Woodcut?

This is a woodcut of one of my favorite artists, Lisa Brawn, check out her website. I met her in Austin when she was there for her first show at Yard Dog Gallery. (this was a big honking, successful deal!) We had dinner with mutual friends and I totally enjoyed hanging out with her, and of course love the quirky gal that she is. Even more than that though, her output of these woodcuts is freaking amazing. Besides the fact that they are absolutely awesome...I'm sure she must spend every waking hour in the studio making these as there are so many! They are woodcuts in every sense of the word, and yet, she apparently doesn't print from them as is the tradition. They are painted and hung as the finished product. They remind me of scratchboards (so this is of course some of the reason I am attracted to them) when you see them 2D online or in photos. In person they have depth and texture. I've never seen anything like these, and most probably you won't either. Unless of course they start 'knocking them off' for sale in home stores and such. Please, for the love of pete, don't do that! But do go to her website and buy some!

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