Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scratchboard Demo Round MountainArt Group

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of demonstrating Ampersand Art scratchboard to a lively and highly creative group of women. I love teaching and even more, watching others discover how much fun scratchboard board is. Everyone has a different take on it...I think my next class may have everyone doing the same design, just to see how different they will all be. I'm so happy to be associated with this product, I never get tired of scratching away.
Yesterday I spent the day doing plumbing repairs at a rent house that I invested in with a few friends. This is a brief, really brief, return to my past life. After 30 some years of doing various home repair work, I can say I really prefer making art. Even on the bad days (and there are so few of them) when I'm blocked or not able to do what I want to do with an art piece, I can't imagine wanting to go back to the construction life. Although, in this situation, I'm glad I can do the repairs myself and save the big bucks.
Today is the seventh anniversary of the death of my father. I'm missing him, and yet, as they say, time does help to heal the loss. Fitting that I'm spending so much time this week on plumbing and fixin' as he was a brilliant plumber, and as it turned out, a pretty great human being. Two of his sisters, my aunts, died this month and it is hard to lose those connections to the family. It is a reminder to continue to live in this moment, doing what makes me happy and whole.
I'm off to build a wall, install a toilet, paint ceilings and put up ceiling fans.
I hope a few of you enjoy reading this blog. I'm still not sure if anything I'm saying or doing is beneficial, or adds anything to this crazy world. It's still a work in progress for sure. I'll just keep scratching through...


tanya m said...

It's so great that your scratchboarding is taking you so far!
I understand about your father's loss, I lost my dad almost 4 years ago, and am still sad about it.

Keep on arting and writing.

Linda Sheets said...

Thanks Tanya, same back at you. And I feel for you regarding the loss of your's a big deal.